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Illusion of Real Objects?

When Adi Da entered into Reality consideration about the "nature and condition of reality and how it is arising", He was never negating, dissociating from nor being abstracted from arising conditions.

He was not engaging the errors (lessons unlearned) associated with an immature or unaware or unreal relationship to Reality.

Instead, He Loved Awake in unqualified relationship to the Self and Source Condition in which the whole, and all parts arise.

His transmission of Divine Self recognition regards all arising as sacred and to be most artfully/creatively engaged wherein auspicious growth, outgrowing changes occur in and as a Whole IN the all inclusive Self Domain that IS Conscious Light.  

In this Awakening the paradox of what is real or un-real, what is necessary or un-necessary is resolved. Then full matured responsibility can be Lived, rather than partial and incremental separative points of view in time and space attempting to define and order Reality Itself.

Bright Adi Da:

"You are constantly imagining that you are experiencing objective things, but you are not. You do not actually see an object — that lamp over there, for instance. It is not the object you are seeing. Isn't it obvious to you that you are experiencing a phenomenon of the brain? You cannot see the lamp. You are not inside your head looking out at the lamp. A bizarre phenomenon of the brain produces the sensation that there is a lamp over there. Where is it anyway? A reflected image twists around in the eyeball, and nerve impulses and electrical currents flash around the meat-brain in order to construct an illusion, a sensation, an idea. What is objective about it? It is just your own fascination. It is your own mind. It is your own Consciousness, modified by organs of experience. It is mind.

It is harmless enough in itself, really, but you are so distracted by it that you have lost your humor. You have lost your true position. You do not have a right relationship to experience. The right relationship to all experience is to exist as the Transcendental Consciousness, the Radiant Reality Itself, in which phenomena arise without necessity, humorously. The wrong relationship to experiential phenomena is to presume that you are a separate person, a separate consciousness, in the midst of a world that you know nothing about, that somehow encloses you, that is objective to you, that is separate from you. In that case, you see, experience is a very serious business. You have no option but to submit to it, to be distracted and tormented by it."

"Traditional consciousness is a problem. It is the problem. It pursues either a unity and universal identity (self, Self, spirit, Spirit, God) or multiplicity (relationship, experiences) or cannot decide (duality). None of these is the answer. There is no answer. There is only the unqualified awareness that is removed of contradictions."


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