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"It Is Up To You" /Us

"Foolish" business or handling unhandled business? Foolish business as in; actions that are ego-centric, thus creating and supporting duality , even seemingly positive, happy and loving in nature. Foolish in that these choices "add time" in spaces created by the ego act itself.

Engaging new agreed upon action that is ego-self-other-transcending in recognition responsive devotion, in all relationships and circumstances exercised, enables Bright Intervention to grant the clarity of True Heart discrimination for the insight, expression, growth, outgrowing responsibility for inherently non dual Love, Freedom, Joy. All of this in the ecstatic egoless sufficiency of unqualified relationship, prior to the feeling of relatedness and the egoic act of attention.

Because the organization calling itself "Adidam" is up to "foolish business", agreed to be so engaged, individually and collectively supported, the same ego centric patterns that enclosed Bright Adi Da when he was embodied are still defining and governing the collective response to Adi Da Love Ananda's Radical Reality Way. 

An example of this is that before Adi Da left the body he made clear by speaking to the entire gathering that there were no true and free renunciates yet demonstrating the Perfect Practice Process. He asked that the initiation of any devotees that indicated such a transition be removed from the yearly published calendars so that all would know this transition (signaled by the essential and non negotiable signs) was not to be acknowledged.

Yet, after his Mahasamadhi, Quandra Sukhapur reinstated her initiation back onto the calendar and resumed her title and practice as the most senior and advanced practitioner in the Free Renunciate Order. When she chose to do so, many devotees fiercely objected to her claims and unlawful actions that subordinated Adi Da's Bright Reality Authority  to her own need to take ownership and control of his Work. This "foolish" ego patterned action, among many, was a pivotal cause of the political tribalism that continues to define the "foolishness" of lies calling itself the One and Only Authoritative Organization of "Adidam".

The Samrajya at its core is comprised of devotees who help Quandra Sukhapur maintain her independent rein of power and control, as if is she is, in fact, in the second stage of the Perfect Practice and the sole governing authority. 

What would have been most auspicious is for her and those that serve her (whilst not being rooted in Reality Truth Bright Adi Da) to accept Adi Da's summary  evaluation of her practice being a student beginner with "unhandled beginners business" with abundant signs indicating this was so. These beginners signs he addressed daily until he dropped the body, are still in evidence throughout the entire gathering, formally approved or not.

Where is the honest humility and integrity to simply call this whole charade out for what it is? Only then is there a shot at integrity and authenticity and growth in Reality Truth Itself. 

“The ego would adapt the body-mind-complex to ‘worldly’ and merely survival purposes. But the event in one who understands egoity, and is surrendered to Me [*As I AM As You Are] truly, transforms ‘point of view’ and makes the body-mind-complex just Yoga, just alchemy, just surrender, just a transformative process in which the body-mind-complex is no longer used for conventional and ‘worldly’ purposes but is involved in this most profound surrender to *Me.

The body-mind-complex must be made into a Yoga-body, conformed to Me through ‘radical’ devotion to Me, exercised through all the disciplines that I Call ‘conductivity’ practice. This is the seriousness of the beginner, as a way of preparing the body-mind-complex with capabilities, disciplined and purified, for entering and fulfilling the Seeing stages of the Reality-Way of Adidam.

Play it fast and loose—just this silly ‘worldly’ business of ego-games, old adaptations, and ‘Oedipal crapola’—and you can use up the rest of your life, and a lot more future lifetimes. That is all there will be, and you will be constantly returning to this gross, most fearful circumstance of mortality.”

“Every one of My devotees who takes Me seriously is Mastered by Me. That is what it is to have a Guru. Not merely wandering in this ‘samsara’, this horror of death, thinking and dictating nonsense to yourself, and picking and choosing about the disciplines I Give you. Embrace Me. Subordinate egoity to Me. Surrender it to Me. Embrace My disciplines. Take My Blessing. Grow. Waste no time. Handle your life-business. Do not wonder about it, make it mysterious, or take a damn lot of years to do so! Get down to it, most directly. You can profoundly shorten the time of Listening to Me, and getting on to Hearing Me and Seeing Me, by taking Me seriously. That is what it takes.

If you want to be a fool, that is your business. If you want to build in time, that is your ‘problem’. But I have Told you, now and previously, what it takes for real. And those who do it for real will come to Me with right responsibilities, with a rightly transformed body-mind-complex, so that they can continue with *Me.”  


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