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No Damnation And Perfectly Slotted

In Bright Satsang this morning, feeling awareness of the consistent impulse to go beyond the limits of separate self action/identity and most perfectly Realize the inherent identity that is the One and Only True Self.

In Awakeness as Ultimate Life and Light, there is an observation of an odd coupling of both emotions of longing and guilt. This observed dynamic seems to imply that the perfect process required, which grants the gift of permanent perpetual Freedom from the endless rounds of destiny is not yet most fully egolessly surrendered into.

Then suddenly and synchronously the gift of radical self understanding establishes this hearted being in the True Self Heart, wherein longing and guilt are forgotten in the Ever Present Now, then, living is free of the problem of any goal or concern for destiny or the implications of what Outshining "means" in relationship to a seeming separate self.

"Ultimately Outshining Replaces Destiny"

No the seeming "meantime" process.

Having learned the  virtues of being "uncoiled" and heart open I am now (again, moment to moment) more equipped to receive all necessary wisdom help and Bright Grace in the ever growing responsibility to Be Love Itself. 


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