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Perfect Philosophy Is A Surrender Into Truth Itself

Notice to all mummers (the "i-you-we"):

"The origins of real philosophy are not questions, mysteries, dilemmas or paradoxes.  The origins of real philosophy are perceptions, realizations of a radical kind in which certain fundamental questions, mysteries, dilemmas, and paradoxes are obviated.  Thus, the origins of real philosophy are knowledge of a radical kind, not problems.

Similarly, real philosophical work is not a matter of answering questions, penetrating mysteries, solving dilemmas, or overcoming paradoxes.  It is rather radical work wherein radical understanding arises.  Thus, all of the usual philosophical material is unimportant from the beginning and never becomes necessary or even fundamental.” – Franklin Jones (Adi Da Samraj), 1972

Perfect Philosophy obviates the necessity for the presumed to be separate, independent body-mind-self-world-universe mechanism to be the means whereby the Bright True Self Nature and Condition is Most Fully Realized, WITHOUT dissociation or avoidance as all conditions continue to arise.

That Perfect Philosophy is recognition-responsive- radical-self understanding that enables ego-self transcending True listening, hearing, seeing and the perfect practice IN Atma Nadi Shakti Yoga. This  Reality Way is initiated, revealed and given ONLY by Bright Siddha Adi Da (at first, tacitly, namelessly intuited at heart). And no seeming separate self can ego- self generate this Realization Awakening instant-process-moment to moment. This process requires, from the seeming "get go", the conscious feeling surrender of the entire mechanism that appears as the body-mind-self into Reality Itself, the Native True Self Nature and Condition of the aspirant. The True and Real devotee serves the awakening, as a sacrifice, to the Bright Itself for the sake of the Divine Reality Itself,  "all and All" inclusive. 

Eternal beginners falsely assume that Bright Reality Way is about a separate self adventure of journey through finite or infinite realms, stages, levels of one or another horizontal or vertical or circular or spherical geometry of symbols in nature as universal. Seeking a path-goal for self-other-all. So the karmic wheel is turned in upon "itself".

This is not True Adidam. True Adidam is an authentically tested and proven culture, structure, organization with True and Real orders of recognition responsive Being devotees. Again, clearly this Sign as True Sangha has yet to manifest. Good hearted and not so good hearted beings define what is being called "Adidam". A religion business for bare beginners.  This critical recognition responsive radical understanding/knowledge is Key for serious aspirants. Do not be tricked by mummers, mummery mumming "all-and-All".

The packaging is not Bright Adi Da Truth, Being Itself. This cannot be overstated, enough. Collectives committed to ego activity are shadow tricksters. Be-Aware, as this act is not objective nor subjective......


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