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A Collective Force of Obligation

The conundrum of the world wide gathering has always been and is now including the matters that Adi Da Addresses in the links below.

Coupled with the fact that the present "formal pattern" and mechanisms have become falsified and corrupted.

What to do? As Adi Asked.

Truth must be spoken to the current Adidam institutionalized controlling forces, corrupt authority and the blind following revisionism (that we have all created and choose to sustain) that is Evelyn's congregation. This is the essential and necessary formality for every devotee to do and thus require change.

This is Adi Da's precise Calling to All and all and most especially that we be an inspirational (to and in the world) demonstration of Bright devotees.

All devotees are still picking and choosing what to embrace (and take full responsibility for) and what not to embrace. Why? Because we are not obliging the all inherently inclusive rightening of the pattern itself and at root. Pretense and pretend is happening instead.


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