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A Unique Nakedness of Siddhis


Divine Self Realization was brought into the entire context of the body mind of Adi Da (the gross, subtle and causal aspects of His Manifestation) in the Vedanta Temple Event in 1970.

 This began the ability for His Vehicle to submit to take on the likeness of others to Teach, making use of all His ordinary and extraordinary Signs to do so, in a "Play" with others in order to Awaken them.


This submission "Play" and His ability and necessity of Function to do so, ended in 1986. He assumed the likeness of others, "fully down to His Toes", to Live with us, to Teach us, which then forced the crisis of the Divine Self Emergence Event in 1986.


This ordeal of Teaching by submission, from 1972 to 1986, is fully documented in the Adidam Sacred Archives, in detail. The Archives, One of Adi Da’s Treasures is meant to be available and made right use of, for and by all. Now it is shut down by those who took control to rewrite the narrative for ego-self-other patterned purposes.


This Truth of His Submission and Letting Go (yogic death) in 1986, I can humanly and altogether heartfully attest to, not as a mere childish, adolescent or religious belief. Even now, in Recognition responsive devotion I must continue this "linking" communication He Asked of me, against all seeming odds, along with disrespect and denial of access to many of His Empowered Treasures! Lunacy is at play, being called "His Pattern and Play"! 


In late 2006, Adi Da again Called me to the function He named; "God's Eyes". The devotees who comprised the Gods Eyes function were tasked with communicating truth and leela directly to His Person and Process, without revision or lies.


Now, this service is argued against by cultic religion business consumers who own and control Adidam. I am Remembrance, the devotee He Speaks of here in 1988 (link above). This consummate communication that still holds True today as a Calling yet to be responded to and fulfilled by the linking He Asked for.  


"Tripura" is also still being disrespected, enabled and used wrongly. As are the many "intimates" He directly Initiated, Worked with and Empowered, extending to and including all devotees, thus not rightly linked. His Words, not mine. This is the Mandala of which He Speaks of Here (link above). 


The LINKING is being presently obstructed by religious business, beginning consumers and this is why there is very little growth in practice, culture, community and mission.


From 1988, "His Shout" dominated the next decade, continuing to the day of His Mahasamadhi. He clearly indicated that the gathering refused to accept that His "likeness submission Play" (highlighting errors of the first 6 stages) necessarily had to and did end, for His Reality manifestation Purpose and Demonstration.


His Bright Key esoteric Instruction in Essence was complete. Devotees responsive Recognition had to grow and no longer abuse His Body , Spirit and Person with "i-other" presumptions, assumptions, expectations and wrong use of His Unique Avataric Function.


Devotees have to go beyond these demands to be Taught the Lessons of the errors in the first 6 stages of life, over and over again.


Dramatization of these errors "Evelyn",  IS NOT purification by Grace.


There is a misconception that by “just turning” you will free energy and attention from the bondage made by the ego knot. 


Only True and Real devotees of the Bright Itself, all inclusive of the Great Tradition of Mankind, can confess to the Uniqueness of Adi Da's Bright Siddhis that were activated and released in the 1986 Divine Self Emergence Event, the 1999 "Brightness" Event and the 2000 Ruchira Dham Event. 


This "finding out" does not come about merely by belonging to the religion business beginners cultic dramatization that is being called "Adidam" then or to date, presently on Jan 12th, 2024. 


What is each and every responsive beings current availability and real stage of practice? This has yet to be authentically clarified. 


The room we make for this Blessing requires each and all to "get out of the way". 



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