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Acting As If Not One

"You do not recognize your own brothers and sisters"

The obvious display of superficial divisiveness is when most radical self understanding itself is usurped by righteous fundamentalism and "unequal" ideals.

When gross minded misinterpretations of inherently manifesting, sacred hierarchical structures and codes become senior to Reality Truth Itself, the Way and Process inherent in prior unity/Prior Unity is lost.

No matter what the quality of a conditional manifestation of a person, experience, event, or thing may be, positive or negative, the fundamental asana is not true in such dramatizations. 

A direct way to serve the rightening of this course of action and our participation in True Process is to "handle unhandled business" in the detailed manner Bright Adi Da elucidates, repeatedly, that undoes egoic patterning. 

Superimposing a fixed "senior pattern" of any kind whatsoever (seemingly positive or negative, individually or collectively) upon "unhandled egoic business" obstructs True ego self transcending yoga and Real growth. Doing so turns Bright Way into mythologies, programs and self applied techniques. 

These words about "handle your unhandled business individually and collectively" was the last instruction Da Love Ananda gave to all devotees and the world just before he took Mahasamadhi. He indicated there was no growth (by any being) beyond being sheer Listening beginners, until this "unhandled business is handled"*.

For example one pertinent piece of instruction Bright Adi Da gave to the female devotee who has taken sole governing authority of his gifts was "she should never live alone and must always be visible within the culture that holds her accountable so she will not play out her "queen with court" patterning". To this day, she still enacts these patterns in and on Adi Da Bhagavan's  Mahasamadhi temple and grounds. 

If this one "refusal" was self-understood by her and her "court followers" and changes made, the entire gathering could potentially begin a consequentially new action. 

Yet, she is being wrongly related to and not served by true devotional intimates who care about the integrity of Process and Adi Da's detailed instructions. This neglect forms the "pattern" of no real respect, ignoring and abuse world wide. 

*Listen to and make new agreements that undo the corruption of Adi Da's Way, now calling itself "Adidam"


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