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Adi Da asks me to chant Om Nama Shivaya

Julie Anderson:


In late 1976, while sitting in "The House", in the dining room, on the Mountain of Attention Sanctuary (then Persimmon), Adi Da Love Ananda (then Bubba) asked me to chant aloud the "Om Nama Shivaya" chant.


With great Heart elocution and feeling breath, He chanted the chant for me. Everyone in the room joined in, as if all in the room had been engaged in this invocation for eons of time.  I had never chanted a mantra before this night. 


When I was asked to open my mouth on my own to do so, absolutely nothing would come out of my voice box! Soon it was obvious that I could not vocalize alone what He Asked me to do. Instead of persisting in asking this of me, He took me into His Bedroom. He gently sat me on His bed in a half lotus and He told me to chant here in His Room alone and do not stop until He returned. He again vocalized the chant for me so I would be able to do the same.


It was "well into the night" as I began opening to His Words. 


When He left the room, I began to freely engage this chant and loved doing so. I was surrounded by many Murtis of Great Realizers and sacred icons, images, artifacts and talismans. Yellow Rose incense filled the air. The air was no longer just filling space, but spirit breath IN Bright Satsang breathed and swooned my heart grateful being. 


Bubba did not return for what seemed like hours. The light had dawned. 


Even now whenever I hear this mantra I am seated by Him in His Room, Bright Darshan Swoon. Sweet Heart and tapas of persistence required, not knowing, only letting go enabling me to stay where and how and when and what He had placed me there to do; for Him. 


On sight of Him in the morning light I spontaneously opened, prepared to receive His Bright, all consuming and pervading Love Bliss. 



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