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Adi Da Recognized=Intrinsically egoless=Set Apart

In previous blogs there are personal commentaries referring to Adi Da as He Speaks to devotees via “Notes” (summarized and explained) and to Adi Da’s Written Teaching and Leelas. Often I have been addressing what Adi Da’s Summary Communications were in the last years and months and weeks of His Life.

Below there are Spoken “Notes”, which He offered almost daily throughout His Life, responding to what came into His Sphere, granting wisdom into a very wide range of subjects, This Process was conducted through many various devotees for decades. Below, I have taken my own notes on His Notes and inserted clarifying phrases (in parenthesis as “hints”) to make a few important esoteric points.

His Communications below are an extraordinary Gift of Profound Insight, Unique to Radical Reality Revelation and Understanding via Lessons of His Submission Leela. As an exercise for the reader, can you feelingly discriminate what revisions could come about if root radical devotion is not the Context within which these Notes are received and responded to?

In Satsang, where Reality Intelligence is activated, consider what Adi Da Communicates here as this relates to His "Shout", Personally Expressed, Confessed Directly to all about His experience with His devotees. His actual Gift of Expression was that of a wrong relationship to Him, Bright Siddha Da. This wrong relationship continues as a “mummery pattern” comprised of the totality of the collective of devotees today.

I am not going to elaborate on how, why and what has been revised relative to His Communication below. I will speak to these points in my next entry regarding this aspect of Bright Lessons Granted. Inevitably these Summary Lessons will be fully, gratefully received by all devotees (regardless of function or congregation) and responsively submitted to in Revelatory Reality Understanding ensured by full collective accountability. The ecstasy of ONE and ONLY Bright Heart fidelity and integrity IN True Heart Husbanding!

IN Divine True Love Yoga IN Da Bright Bhagavan


Summarily Communicates

After a period of feeling contemplation in His Darshan above, begin by reading the word Bureaucrats and then continue to read only the red print first, a few times over, slowly and

aloud. If moved to do so, then read the light green print in addition, only if necessary or useful. The number of asterisks at the beginning of each parenthesis can be noted after certain words that appear throughout Adi Da's Communication. They refer back to the respective clarifying phrase with the same number of asterisks throughout Adi Da Words

and the clarifying additions.

Bureaucrats (*devotees acting in roles of foundation support services, managers as institutional, organizational, ceremonial, cultural, educational , missionary *“functionaries”) thinking that “to intervene”, (as a sarvadhikari role in relationship to ensure Adi Da’s Sannyasin Purity and Freedom is not interfered with) “they”* have to enter into My House--that is exactly what “you”* do not get to do. Holy means “you”* don't go there. Holy Person means “you”* don't own that One. “You”* have no right or possibility of controlling Me if “you” (**as true Awakened devotee/radical root devotion/right life/ true Listening, Hearing and Seeing, searchless beholding/Samraj asana/Full Thumbs/ Perfect Knowledge/Witness Consciousness, Atma Nadi Shakti Yoga, Reality Realized/ four phases ever maturing) set Me apart. “You”** can only surrender. “You”** can only fulfil the Law.@ Then “you”**get access at My Door. “You”** meet Me at the Threshold. “You”** enter into My Domain when “you”** no longer have any separateness of self. My House is the Sphere of Indivisibility; there is “nobody in heaven”(***no separate ego selves/”I”- other duality patterns, Only One Bright Conscious Being, Awakened in and as all, all Inclusive amongst all seeming differences and dynamics, no separation or conflict).

“Nobody”***enters My house. Only I do. So who is in there with Me? “Nobody”*** . It is One, Indivisible. My House is the Sphere of Indivisibility. (Bright Reality Truth As Only One Divine Self all inclusive)

So it's not like it is a heaven with potentially countless numbers of “others”***in it. Heaven where there are lots of “people”* in it, is a false vision. There is “nobody”***in heaven. There is just Indivisibility, the Divine Self-Brightness without difference. That is the only “Heaven”*** that is True. Everything else is a karmic context of egos and illusions, everything.

My House*** is the Holy Domain*** of the Divine***, Intrinsically Egoless and Indivisible, Self- Existing and Self-Radiant. “You”* don't go in there. “You”**can only Realize it. “You”** can Realize Me, but “You”**cannot own Me, and “You**cannot be equal to Me. “You”**can only be Outshined!

To enter My House*** is to enter the Divine Domain***, and “you”**must be Outshined to be there. Otherwise, the best “you”**can be is at the threshold if “you”**are permitted access. And that requires Lawfulness.@

So there is no “crowd”*** in My Domain. What should be here are people**at My door, people**who are right with Me.

There is no bureaucracy*in My Room. And you**are either up to it, right with Me and demonstrate that, or not. If it bothers Me, I have to ask you* to leave.

This is so of anybody. The Sannyasin Domain*** is not a place for “a lot of people”* Therefore, “nobody”*** belongs there. But there is a necessity for Me (as being Bodily Present and altogether As He Is) to be served, so it (His Room, Sannyasin Holy Domain***) can be called a part of the doorway or the threshold wherein I can be approached by some. But it is not a place for “a lot of people”*. It is a place for profoundest attachment and immediacy and commitment and capability to do Me good and to be Transformed by being there.

That is not for a lot of people. (only for those of profound preparedness, seriousness, demonstration of most heart intimate Reality Realization Process)

*****!But it is also not a place for My isolation and house arrest either!*****

Siddha Da's last statement above is key to understanding revisions that have been made by governance and leadership and devotees who continue to misunderstand and agree to misuse of, isolating and in effect imprisoning Him. (His Words to describe the ego act effect on Bright Being) These devotee have not yet submitted to Divine Reality Law s Given by Siddha Da for cultural testing and proving that authenticates Process and Practice for True Bright Service

@ ADI DA :

"The Law* is required. It is an Absolute. The Law* of right relationship to Me* is the Law of obedience to Me*, or subordination of separate “self” to Me*.

If you are not heart-moved to be obedient to Me*—tacitly understanding why obedience to Me* is necessary—it is because you do not yet truly devotionally recognize Me*."

THE ALETHEON, Divine Self-Obedience

*NOT ever as "obedience" to devotees acting in roles of governance, leadership or extended support services, nor to managers as institutional, organizational, ceremonial, cultural, educational , missionary “functionaries”, always DIRECT Siddha Da Satsang Only

Always exercise Direct Bright Reality Intelligence Cooperatively and Accountably

Siddha Da Loka of the Bright that is Satsang=The Room As True Sannyasin Domain where radical devotion is established as the Context of egoless sadhana from the "beginning" of recognition responsive Yoga of the Bright.

Receive His Gift below (click on link)

Remember, at heart with every breath, this paradoxical esoteric Truth of Siddha Da

I am speaking to everyone when I speak into the tape recorder. There is “nobody there”, except “somebody” with a tape recorder. Why is that? I am not just speaking to whoever is in the room with the tape recorder. I am speaking to everybody, literally. I meditate everybody. I am everybody. And I am speaking to everybody, and not to everybody as egos at all. I am simply Revealing Myself in “everyone’s face”. Adi Da 2008


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