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Adidam divided against itself

Mark 3:25 "If a house is divided against itself, it cannot stand."


Can you identify the "joke" displayed in the link below?



As with Christianity, "Adidam", (as presently governed, managed) is a collective of divided participants acting as IF we are acting as "ITS" manifestation. This is not True and Real ADIDAM.


The humour/tragedy of the glaring debate of interpretations/war is very obvious around the very scripture which offers/proposes the wisdom of necessary non divisiveness to maintain the integrity/foundation of the Whole, Prior Unity.


"Adidam's" present dramatization of divisiveness is equally as glaringly obvious to thousands of discerning eyes/ears/hearts/feeling beings. Unattractive and painfully so.


All Wake up. Let go.


Yield into Bright/Satsang humour and the obviousness (collective radical self understanding) of how ALL "Adidam" participants (formally acknowledged or not) are dramatizing forms of cultic duality. Power forces of various camps define "Adidam". Not Siddha Adi Da's Siddhis of the Bright. No matter how one might imagine or mythologize or read conditional signs, Bright Treasures are not being served most auspiciously and growth, in all ways, is not happening. Egoic madness is taking its toll. 


Thus the NEW collective action of Not-Two must be tangibly signed (gifted) instead of the divisive politics being played out around roles, hierarchy, history, access, positions, structures and codes.


The very ego self transcending yoga espoused by so called "devotees" is not being demonstrated. This is why we are collectively obstructing Adi Da's Bright World Work and Transmission. Regardless of what or how one may "experience Him" or make use of HIS Treasures for one's seeming separate self, the present "patterning" IS NOT of Bright Form or formalities. 


"Not so funny is it? But ya can't get enough of it?!"


At what cost will all continue to refuse to speak up and be honest and exposed as Evelyn Disc patterning? No scapegoats allowed, Brightness Alone.


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