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After the Divine Avataric Lifetime

Throughout all of Adi Da Love Ananda's lifetime, He spoke about the time of his passing.

Here below are key passages where he helps those who have responded to Him (via Reality Truth recognition) understand the purpose of His divine incarnation leela. And, in this comprehensive understanding, via  recognition, how to rightly and truly respond and serve this divine purpose, for the sake of the divine self awakening of all beings, who at source are inherently One and Only, all inclusive. Love Bliss Being.


Adi Da:

"After the Divine Avataric Lifetime of this bodily (human) Form, the reflections of this Form, every form of representative likeness, will — like the Revelation-Histories generated by My Appearance in this Form — be forever Instructive and useful as points of concentration whereby to enter into Communion with Me.

I will still be Merely Present then. This bodily (human) Form is not required forever. It is required only for the time of Revelation, the establishment of this Divine Avataric Way, such that, at some appropriate moment, the bodily (human) Form can be relinquished and dissolved.

Then devotees will have understood how this is the Way of associating with the Power of My Eternal Samadhi, My Eternal Presence and Person of a Spiritual and Ultimate Nature, Which cannot be gone — Which cannot and will not be withdrawn.

I will be Present then, exactly as now, not diminished. I cannot separate from the conditional domain. I Am its Very Source. I Am Perpetually Present. This is My Revelation to you."


"There has never been a time in the past when I was not Present. However, no one Realized Me, in the Ultimate sense. All the traditions have tried their various means of association with Me in the past. There were some various kinds of effective Communion with Me.

However, that capability for Ultimate, Most Perfect Realization has been made possible only by this Divine Avataric Intervention. This Divine Avataric Intervention having been Made, It is Eternalized. It is not conditioned."


"I Am Doing the Same Work now That I will Do forever — even when I am no longer physically Embodied here.

It is when I am devotionally recognized that My Instrumentality arises in this "world".

Then, through the "cause-and-effect" events of human life which are enacted in whole bodily response to Me, Adidam Ruchiradam becomes enacted in the sphere of human relations. In all

times and places, My devotees will appear — Finding Me after I have Already Entered into Perfect Coincidence with them, having Meditated them.

Having Found Me, they become active devotees of Mine,

assuming various roles of responsibility in service to Me, relative to all the aspects of Instrumentality necessary for Adidam Ruchiradam — now, and forever hereafter.

I Am here to Enable devotees who whole-bodily-responsively devotionally recognize Me to do this Instrumental Work forever — while I Do the Work of the Source. 

I Do the Same with Everything I must Do.

I Work At and As the Source-Position."


"You must allow yourself to be transformed, by My apparent absence, into a community of devotees most fully far beyond any realization of your common life that existed during the Lifetime of This Appearance. That is What I am Telling you. And I expect you to remember this when This One finally Goes."


"The Gesture of the God-Man in human Form is an Instigation, a Suggestion, an Intrusion, in the midst of human life — Which Produces the birth, in the form of those already born, of Its own Mastery.

You see how it occurs? Probably not. But that is the way it occurs. And it never is fully expressed, never acknowledged, until the complete disappearance of the apparent bodily form of the born One, or the God-Man.

The birth, the expression, the appearance, of the God-Man implies its, his, her own death, sacrifice — before there is any feeling at large for the Divine. It is only when the God-Man is dissolved in his or her own bodily appearance, is bodily completely gone, that the expression knowable to human beings at large communicates itself."


"This bodily (human) Divine Form, like your own, is a conditional manifestation. It will cease to appear at some point. The Way is not about requiring Me to be present in My bodily (human) Divine Form.

As long as this bodily (human) Form is here, it is a Leela of Revelation, of Instruction, to generate the Way forever.

Unlike My Mere and Very Presence and Person, this bodily (human) Divine Form is temporary. By means of this bodily (human) Divine Form I convert you, Instruct you, make a Revelation-History that will forever be Instructive.

After Its time, this bodily (human) Form will not reappear. I will not appear again, in this or some Form, in this world. However, I will be forever merely Present As the One Who Is Always Already with you, now and forever.

I have taken on this bodily (human) Form for the sake of Revealing the Always Already State to you.

Some might say after the Divine Avataric Lifetime of this body-mind, "Oh, those were the good old days. If only we were there then."

However, such looking back has nothing to do with My Purpose and the Truth I am Revealing to you. This bodily (human) Form is merely temporary Means."


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