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Allow Awakened Consciousness to Shine and Relate to conditions and Transform them

22 November, 1985

Adi Da Love Ananda: Look at human beings and how they function. Do you think this is all a matter of decision? Intelligence? Conscious participation? Look at what everybody does! It is as automatic as what apparent beings do in a dream. It is just happening. There is nothing conscious or intentional about it ultimately. You are enchanted, the whole mass of beings here is enchanted, and humanity on Earth is enchanted in a unique sense. Enchantment is not exclusively associated with happy round-faced places full of flowers, you see. Enchantment is also associated with dreadful happenings, pain and sorrow, fear and anger. To be enchanted is to exist in an automatic

state, a state that goes on and on and on, on its own. You think that you are participating in this state consciously and intentionally. I don’t believe it! It is just something you think. It is another characteristic of your mind, which is itself an automaticity, the result of an automatic gesture.

Everything is simply arising. You could be conscious, you could

be intelligent, you could inspect it, you could become responsible, you could transcend it, but you are not tending to do that. Only the Native Being can respond and be quickened to the Divine Presence, to the Master and the Teaching. Then perhaps you can be Awakened, become conscious. That is my Purpose in my interactions with all of you, but you are not tending to hear Me. You are not tending to practice. You are willing to imitate religion and more or less automatically imitate certain features of the exercises associated with this Way, but I am talking about conscious participation in the Divine, cutting through these mechanical limitations directly, in every moment, literally cutting through them.

I was speaking of sexuality as a root motive, an expression of the fundamental motive toward pleasure in the body. I am not suggesting that you must become the enemy of sexuality, making a problem of it and spending your life trying to avoid it or eliminate it-no! Practice Divine Communion. Grant your attention to the Great Reality. You need not make a problem out of sex or any other possibility. Enter into Divine Communion and allow that Awakened Consciousness to shine in and relate to conditions, transform them. It is not a matter of perfecting them, nor is it a matter of strategically eliminating human functions, human experiences, even pleasurable ones, even sexuality. It is not necessary to make pleasure into an enemy. That is another dull, stupid human motivation, based on uninspected egoity, just another strategy of survival that the ego cooks up. Narcissus in his hair suit. That is not it!


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