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And That Is Up To You

Adi Da Love Ananda Ecstatic Speech:

"Take My Divine Avataric Revelation-Word out to everyone. I want to See some results! The Servant of humankind, in His Time, ought to See the signs of response in His generation. Do your work for Me, serve Me, and let Me hear of it. I Am here to Transform humankind, not to gather only a handful of people around Me. I have Come here for My Own. I Am the Only Being for Whom every one is His Own. I want to See a change in human history. I want to Know that, like the invisible horse in My Dawn Horse Vision, that change is set in motion and is inevitable. I Know it is inevitable, but I want to See the subtle signs of it. I want the Horse before Me. And that is up to you."

“I Am Looking for men and women who will live free of every kind of seeking, attendant only to the consciousness of universal prior unity, who will constantly devote themselves to the responsible cooperative management of individual and collective human life in the Indivisible Form and Logic of Reality Itself, rather than the egoic and separative form and "difference"-bound logic of egoity and illusion."

"I am not here, however, to let My Beloved, in all his and her forms, take on the size of death".

In 2008 Adi Da Said to His devotees that it was unlikely He would live to see these Signs of response prior to His death. Because of symptoms in His Yogic manifestation He had frequently been telling  all devotees He would be leaving His Body unless there was a profound deepening recognition of Him that could form a True Order of Bright Renunciates acting as Instruments (links  or transparent conduits) that extend His Person and Transmission As  Governing Authority.

The Signs were not present and  because they had yet to manifest in those closest to Him, He had to Speak this truth clearly and unequivocally to everyone.  Yet, He indicated all Means had been Given. He repeated this same Instruction again and again.

The majority of the present world wide gathering of devotees are still demonstrating "exploit-ability" by agreeing to play egoically created and active cultic/political/social/religious/spiritual/transcendental errors and games assuming the necessary change will be "Grace Given" by an Other God somewhere/sometime, by others (not "us") but in the future. This presumed play/pattern is the epitome of the ego act (individually as a collective) as non- recognition. There is no governing Body or gathering "setting apart" or effectively serving Adi Da's Unique Treasures and Process because of this falsehood of immaturity and delusion. 

Radical root devotion In Atma Nadi Shakti Satsang, Darshan and Yoga as a True Sangha (True Adidam) IS the necessary Sign. This Order has yet to be Authenticated according to His Bright Will of Instructions. I know this communication that I make is repetitive. And this must/will be so until the necessary Signs are Obvious as a collective Order. If not, revisions take deeper hold.

Ego addicts must first observe and Radically Understand this collective agreement of ego act/patterning. "Adidam" (the Dawn Horse) has yet to Actualize because ego self transcending yoga is not being inspired and enabled. Instead the collective is still  consenting to be guided by and covered over by addictive habits formed by illusions and delusions of egoically patterned experience and identification as/in separate self created and other played out dynamics. Only the consistent responsibility (with clear incarnate Signs that Adi Da endlessly illuminated and elucidated) for and IN "the Secret of Suddenness" spontaneously transcends duality, IN One and Only Reality Truth That Is , All and all. Literally so. Always Now.



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