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Awaken To Brightness Retreats

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I am not sure if many devotees or interested public have seen this invite or are seeing these kinds of invitations. This invite came to Nick, my intimate partner, given he is on the Australian Adidam mailing list.


It is very likely if he or I responded to indicate we were planning to attend, that our presence there would NOT be embraced. Unless, we were willing to succumb to Quandra Sukhapur's authority. In all honesty, I lie not about this. I will keep you posted about this. 


I continue to feel stunned by the "cognitive dissonance" between what "Adidam" devotees present themselves (and the culture) as to the gathering and to the public compared to what is actually demonstrated by most all devotees individually and collectively. It is embarrassing actually, this level of lack of self awareness! Perhaps some devotees may feel the same about what I am engaged in! This is the joke of all of the present time collective drama. No Reality Conversation about these glaring incongruities is allowed! 


This falsified manner of assuming that practice is Real and True, is reminiscent of periods of reality consideration with Adi Da as we continued to require of Him, to submit to us, as an ego self-other cultic pattern that abused and enclosed Him. And, He Indicated,we barely showed any of the signs of transformative growth and out-growing that He indicated would be the signs of the fulfillment of the 9 Laws of Radical devotion. 


These periods of continued Instruction and Revelation always came to the conclusion wherein Adi Da would, in no uncertain terms tell us; "NOT IT". "You are NOT attending to nor serving Me directly As I AM. The signs are NOT present, no matter what you may be experiencing or good heartedly serving,  that your ego self interpret and assign to be about Me." 


Now, presently, this kind of insular process by insiders of carrying on in this same mode continues. And Quandra Sukhapur is attempting to conduct this process having assumed she is the only advanced true and free second stage of the Perfect Practice devotee. Contrary to Adi Da's summary evaluation of her, personally. 


It is abundantly clear that the corresponding SIGNS of a True and Real Culture of authentic Orders of Renunciates, an effective body of governance and extended leadership does not yet exist.


Yet the wheel of the failing religion business turns and "Evelyn" puppets and voices without the Signs that would correspond with an honest, transparent  process of integrity being accountably demonstrated. 


How is this recognition responsive yielding into True Love Husbanding in relationship to a collective that continues to agree to allow this charade? 


True Bright Lovers would not and could not allow or enable Adi Da's Work to be taken over by a reductive program of beginners, with glaring signs of unhandled business. And that now imprisons the very one who has assumed sole authority: Quandra Sukhapur. She is now being abused and misused, much by her own liabilities in wanting this position of control to continue. She herself is not required to be personally held to account for the details of the Real ego self transcending Ordeal


Please please wake up and agree to speak out about this. This collective voice is what Adi Da endlessly Asked for.


Where are you? Neither wolves nor sheep?


We are allowing a mockery of His Radically True Heart Way to continue.


Hundreds fully understand this to be so. Why are most all of you remaining quiet? Security for who and for what reasonably auspicious sacred purpose?




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