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Beyond Sex, Science & Religion

Adi Da makes very clear in this communication (see link above), once again, that the Domain of the Perfect Practice is In the Self Condition that is not a self.

Beginning practitioners are given the preliminary practice of Perfect Knowledge as a Listening process in Reality Consideration/Satsang.

There is a prominent liability among most all beginning practitioners, including many of those who are assuming advancement, throwing around proclamations that "I am the Witness" as if this can be realized by cognition or by putting on a philosophized costume on an un-liberated (not yet gone beyond at root) ego self. 

This is one clear example of revisionism. Culturally, this revision, is granting an escape clause that allows dissociation from and irresponsibility for the preparatory freeing of energy and attention from point of view, identity patterning. A transformative, going beyond, surrender and whole bodily participation IN the world and in all relations, is unqualifiedly required. 

The True Witness that stands Free, Prior to and Beyond (language necessary for sake of communication), IS NOT and cannot be separated out from (as if elsewhere) all arising conditions. This assumption and gesture is one of a seeker that is not demonstrating recognition responsive radical root devotion. True turning is NOT turning AWAY from anyone or anything. 

"There is NO distinction to be made IF Realization is the case." This is the only Perfectly non-dual Reality Truth of Being, all inclusive, no gesture of separation or difference in relationship (prior to and beyond relatedness) anyone or anything. Right language must be used to communicate about this Reality Truth.

The cultic (i-other, inner/outer, embroiled in emotional sexual self indentity and patterning) religious beginners "culture" of "Adidam" (not yet an authentic 7th Way demonstration) chronically accepts and encourages revisionism. 

This must and needs to be widely understood so that all serious aspirants will not be assuming that what you may choose (or already have chosen) to enter into and practice in relationship to (the present time institution/culture claiming ownership of Adi Da's Treasures) is still fraught with errors and revisions.

In Reality Truth, Consideration (unwillingness to settle for less than what is Perfect Bright Fidelity) the presently "formal" collective who is assuming the right to govern and lead and control, have yet to yield to the prior and inherently established Means and mechanisms that could/would righten this collectively forming culture. Why? As Adi Da pointed out to the day of His MahaSamadhi, revisionism had taken hold of His Way and Work. He indicated that the most auspicious and effective Linking  (Bright Mandala manifestation) had broken down. The refusal of effective culturally compassionately, open, visible, vulnerable accountability for each and all (especially by long time intimate insiders) was a key fault. He Said this refusal was the very act that imprisoned His (when humanly alive) Bright Person in the agreement to allow the dramatization of egoity, individually and as a collective. 

This required transformative rightening is wholly possible. The collective whole needs to require integrity of each and every would be True and Real devotee. This is the NEW agreement that is essential in order to unlock the obvious cultic stranglehold that is shutting down growth and expansion and Bright permeating and consuming Effulgence. 

The choice to not engage this NEW agreement is in effect (even in the midst of the "piecemeal" good hearted services continuing) a choice to destroy and violate Adi Da Love Ananda's Sacred Treasures and World Work.





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