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Beyond Sixth Stage

Bright Yoga is prior to the heretofore traditionally discovered witness consciousness and amrita nadi. 

Da Love Ananda: 

"It is foolish to bind Consciousness to conditional existence, conditional opportunity, through attention, and so to abandon the Inherent Love-Bliss of the Transcendental Spiritual Divine ‘Self’, the ‘Self’ of all-and-All.

The discipline of renunciation, or the transcending of egoity, is nothing more than this release of the bondage of attention, release of the tendency of attention to bind Consciousness to this ‘object’, to that ‘other’, that pleasure, that pain—so that when that release becomes easeful, attention collapses on its Source-Condition, the True Heart, the Love-Bliss That Is Consciousness Itself, even Prior to Witnessing. That Very ‘Self’, or Consciousness Itself, Is the Divine, the Ultimate, the Absolute. It is the Great Giver, Da, Grace Itself—not merely emptiness hanging there in the dark, but the Great One.

Therefore, when attention collapses in That One, by Grace, the Very ‘Self’ communicates the Realization of Its Status. When This Grace Awakens, and if any conditions arise, they are Divinely Self-Recognized. There Is Only Freedom, regardless of what arises.”  


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