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Book Of Enoch Removed

"A council put the Bible together." 

The more an open hearted and minded being, seriously  studies "the great tradition" it becomes very clear that repetition of past errors, that place limits on True Divine Revelation, continue today, universally.

At most fundamental levels, the signs are abundantly clear. The entirely NEW agreed upon actions that demonstrate honest, transparent and openly accountable integrity are not governing this world, nor collectives within this domain. 

Adi Da taught and transmitted via Bright, summarily unique, radical reality understanding, how the purity and essence of Divine Revelation and Process of "the great tradition" can be clarified, participated in and made right use of.

This gift requires the demonstration of a visible and accessible culture of Bright recognition responsive devotion showing the responsibility and signs (new action/gifts/results) of radical (gone to the root) ego self transcendence, necessarily as a free collective global gathering.

Upon viewing this mans study (see link below) in relationship to his communications about the book of Enoch being left out of the Bible, there is an obvious parallel to be drawn between the council that compiled the Bible and the group of devotees who took control of Bright Adi Da's gifts following his Mahasamadhi in 2008. 

There have been many revisions, re-interpretations, omissions and deletions of words, images and leelas from publications (in print and online), now that Adi Da is no longer alive to view what is being enacted. Including Adi Da's legally binding Last Will and Testament.

The devotees who are aware of these violations continue to refuse to require accountability, reparations and new agreements in relation to these sacred and legal violations.


The excerpt below from Bright Adi Da's autobiography The Knee Of Listening, Chapter 19, are important to study in understanding NEW "creative" agreed upon action in relationship to "historical and structural traditions".

Adi Da: "Thus, true life is to be founded in Reality Itself, and its appearance and humanly-born conscious awareness (while enjoying the heart-freedom of non-separateness at every

depth of the living being) exists directly and wholly as simple and “creative” human existence. The phenomena of subtler functional bodies (or subtler functional sheaths)

and higher conditional realms will not be the required signs of Truth to such truly human beings—nor will they be the distracting goals of some particular, ideal plan of

self-conscious evolution. If the individual happens to become consciously aware of conditions in other dimensions, he or she will simply observe and understand them,

and live by the wisdom I have described. Such a one will not seek the development of nature-powers, but will only Self-Abide in Reality. To whatever extent his or her life

involves the awareness of subtler functional bodies (or subtler functional sheaths) and higher dimensions, he or she will, simply by the means of “radical” self-understanding,

acquire the necessary wisdom to deal with them and remain “creatively” in Reality.

After the death of the physical form, such a one may pass into the continuous perception and function of the subtler worlds and there learn to function as is natural to

him or her in that circumstance. But, then (as now, while in the physical world), he or she must Realize Reality Itself, and the living condition of Reality—rather than becoming

involved in the accumulation of mere experience."




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