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Caution, politics, part 1

Hello Da Bright "Gurubhais" of Adi Da?


Being acknowledged as a “devotee” or not by a non existing RSO is irrelevant to thousands of responsive, to Bright Adi Da, beings. I am becoming more and more directly aware of this which is a Bright Gift of all inclusiveness to understand and feel clearly. 


Yes, I am being required to be brave and deal with abusive disrespect (not normalize it or sweep it under the rug), gossip and deception as result of being a "whistle blower".


Why? Because slippery ego politics are being played out (unconsciously it seems) by a corrupted hierarchy following a "sacred" decree. This corrupted hierarchy of subjugation, supports Sukhapur acting, in effect, as the self appointed successor of Bright Beloved. Nadikanta is choosing to remain silenced. Sukhapur and Nadikanta and those they have chosen to serve them, are going unchecked and are not being held to account by the collective. Sukhapur and Nadikanta (who play very significant roles) likewise are not being held to account or served and Truly Loved by their intimates. 


This Instruction of holding governance and leadership accountable was Graciously given,  intimately, to each and every devotee, via Bright Adi Da's Direct Communication. This Communication was recorded, to be listened to and acted upon by the entire gathering of devotees, world wide.


Devotees are legally threatened, punished and shunned for sharing His DIRECT Instructions and for Listening to Him (rather than the corrupted hierarchy).


Is this (below) what we are REALLY being with one another? This "evidence"is of another corrupt blow (insignificant as it may seem to many). Enough is enough. 


Nick recently (March 2024) asked (via email) if we (Nick and I) could attend an evening event in our local area with Michael Shaw and Vanessa Kenoyer and he also invited Michael to meet privately with us. 


Nick’s email to Michael Shaw:

Dear Michael 

I heard you and Vanessa will be visiting Northern New South Wales before you leave Australia. 

I'm wondering if you would be open to getting together obviously to reconnect and also talk about what's happening. 

I understand there is an event you're holding in Ballina which Julie and I would be happy to attend but it would also be good if we could meet a little more privately. 

Let me know what you think and feel about this. 

Love Nick


Michael chose to ask an intermediary Australian devotee to respond to Nick on his behalf. The intermediary Australian devotee agreed to do this and sent a response to Nick and at the same time, accidentally also sent Michael's covert response, revealing the deceptive modus operandi.


I do not have to add anything to this exchange, the sad incongruities and lack of human decency speaks for itself and this is the least of the drama being played out world wide by devotees. 


From the intermediary Australian devotee to Nick:

I’ve heard back from Michael and he asked me to please reply on his behalf as he and Vanessa are commencing a three day retreat for new and interested people tomorrow.

He asked me to thank you for your invitation to get together, and to let you know that he and Vanessa need to remain focused on what they’re here for i.e. specifically hosting events and retreats for approaching people, as well as training for those of us who serve the Mission in any capacity. I can attest to their packed schedule, and, after we showed Conscious Light in Lismore and Ballina recently, I’m newly impressed with how much service and energy is required to invite people to contemplate matters of a profound nature.

My personal disclosure Nick, is that I’m aware that these Barefoot Missionaries live in Beloved Adi Da’s Sphere of Divine Blessings on Naitauba for much of the year, and are then charged with representing Him, and His Ruchira Sannyasin Order, throughout their time of travel and service. I am grateful for their good company as I feel it’s influence already. The small group of devotees here are quite focused in serving the events and our guests. It has a gentle touch that recollects preparing for the Master’s Arrival. I miss that form of Access to Beloved Bhagavan so much at times.

I trust you and Julie are well and happy

With love, ............


Michael's email to the intermediary Australian devotee (his actual response to Nick’s email): 

I am happy to hear about ..... and am getting excited about seeing you and everyone up north.

Please thank Nick for the invitation but gently decline on our behalf. We are in Australia for a very specific service and we would like to simply stay focused in that. It is a lot to conduct the barefoot mission service, and I have not been involved at all with Adidam politics, it doesn't combine with my life with Beloved on Naitauba, and these issues don't resonate with or interest me. We are in Australia representing Beloved and the RSO directly, and honestly, Nick and Julie would have to have some history of a different sign, a different asana relative to the RSO before I would be interested in meeting with them. I don't want you to tell them that, but that is my feeling behind declining. I am sorry to leave you with the delicate task of politely saying no to Nick's invitation, but I am confident that you can keep it simple and happy.







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