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Caution, politics, part 2

Until personal and collectively demonstrated radical self-understanding demonstrates a new agreed upon action that breaks the spell of the status quo, I will expose these errors/faults/secrets/dramas to the gathering and public; following Adi Da’s Instructions to do so.


The present manner of the devotee "insiders" formal structures and codes and role playing is not setting things right. Nor are devotee "outsiders" setting things right. Nor are devotees who seem to be on no side, setting things right.


All are fundamentally out of right recognition responsive relationship to one another, while assuming, to varying degrees that, they/we live in Bright Satsang, authentically.


A cultically entrenched global drama is unfolding as a past pattern repetition (supposedly “His Pattern”) instead of a True and Real, tangibly all inclusive and agreed upon and enacted right recognition responsive relationship to one another.


Groups of devotees engaging in intimate and private devotional processes are not showing signs of breaking the cultic manner of imprisoning Adi Da as Adidam which is, in fact, failing.


Michael Shaw and his “insider” cohorts are stating they have nothing to do with ego politics. This a ludicrous delusion. This defines the tragic joke, blind spot, of "formal Adidam" and the consequential reverberations/reactions for thousands.


This (ludicrous delusion) is now combined with another ludicrous myth among the splintering amongst Adi Da devotees, resulting in "outsiders” who are now being accepted as OK and even necessary.


This awful self other created dynamic is occurring in a "non sacred" hierarchically corrupted power differential, controlling and owning HIS Treasures.


Our getting together has to change and become about facilitating the breaking of this spell. New action is needed which has never really and consistently been done before in response to Adi Da as a Sangha. Not any past pattern around Beloved, which resulted in imprisoning Him up until and now beyond His MahaSamadhi.




This is all "boring as batshit" ego politics, a scripted dynamic and dialog (including my having to write what I do).


The reason this is being shared is because this dynamic (on my doorstep) is important to reflect. Why? Because the continuing,  collectively agreed upon, self/other inflicted, action and spell, that is justifying "avoiding relationship", must be broken. "Formalities” have become more fundamental than radical root devotional yoga of True Heart intimacy/RELATIONSHIP in Bright Satsang.


Imagine this: 

Beloved is coming to Australia. Bright Beloved Adi Da arrives in Australia and asks “are Nick and Julie here”? Sukhapur says "They are not invited. I have told security and cultural servers and management that it is your wish that all devotees do what I tell them to do. So I have told them to ignore Nick and Julie, deny them access along with anyone who disagrees with me. Unless they subjugate themselves to me (Sukhapur) I will not let them have access to your Treasures and see You.” 


Need I say more?


This like scenario actually happened when Beloved began the Demonstration of Outshining, on  Lopez Island. Right before an occasion of His Darshan, Beloved Asked "are Nick and Julie here"? We had not been put on the Darshan list even though we came to Lopez in a bus full of devotees from Southern California. Beloved, disturbed by this, Said He would not grant Darshan until we arrived at His House. A “security" devotee quickly located us (we were close by). We we were the only devotees who were on Lopez Island who were not on "the formally approved by Sukhapur list". At the time, Nick and I laughed at the predicament and quickly made our way to the Darshan Occasion. 


Now it is not so funny because Beloved Himself is no longer here to Intervene and break the spell of ego politics and corruption.




 Nick’s response to Michael Shaw’s email :


Dear Michael,


Your reply to my genuine request to meet sadly follows the pattern I have become accustomed to in my contact with many devotee friends. That being, “I am not willing to relate to you because you do not acknowledge Quandra Sukapur as being the (self appointed) successor to Beloved” and “I am not willing to have a no holds barred consideration with you”.


This, no holds barred approach to relationship and consideration was what I constantly experienced directly with Beloved Adi Da for many years (including the last time I was in His Personal Company in 2005). I understand He was increasingly less directly involved, face to face, with devotees during the latter part of His Life and thereby, His use of consideration was no longer as obviously prominent though, if you read His Notes and hear Leelas from those who were directly around Him (during His Final Years), His Fierce, Unwavering dealing with devotees (and every one and everything) never ceased! I assume you were around Him consistently during His Final Years and this was your experience?


Aside from consideration being His Approach, in my view, it is a reasonable expectation of a gurubhai that they evidence respect and a willingness to engage in an open hearted manner with their fellow gurubhais. Sadly, this is not happening in the current status of divisiveness among devotees.


I respect the fact that you are busy in your service, yet, in the time it took you to write to ...... (asking her to reply to me on your behalf) you could have replied directly to me. Instead, you chose to not express your real feelings and thoughts directly to me and instead asked Linda to send me a polite communication.


What do you think and feel this says to me about you?


Love, Nick







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