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Dawn Horse Mystery, Spontaneity and Synchronicity

This morning, upon awakening, in the fullness of Bright Satsang, the feeling memory arose of very early on in my relationship to Adi Da it became clear that my life with him was service to HIS Process and World Work. As He Is the Bright Divine Self Revealer and Revelation. Because of the always intimate immediacy and urgency of what His Work was (and continues to be), this was and is my constant focus. For this I am ever grateful to be established in this radical root understanding. 

In the midst of morning study, this link (above) came to my view.

Adi Da:

"My here Speaking bodily (human) Divine Avataric Incarnation-Form, is only the Initiation of My Divine Avataric Ashvamedha.

However, now that My Divine Avataric Ashvamedha has been Avatarically Self-Initiated by Me, My Divine Avataric Ashvamedha Is the Perpetual Love-Bliss-Event of the “Brightening” of all-and-All in Me." 


 Adi Da: 

"Everyone sat quietly for a time, and then the disciples started to get up and leave the room. They were all satisfied; it had been done. But nothing had appeared. They wandered away and the Siddha remained sitting quietly in his chair. Bubba stayed where he was, and suddenly a horse began to appear. At first it was vaporous and indistinct, but gradually it solidified and became crisply defined. The horse was perfectly formed, much like a thoroughbred, but very small, perhaps three feet high. It was alive, but it stood without moving."



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