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Divine paradoxical play?

See below a back and forth I recently had with a devotee friend in which I am pointing to a fourth stage error (As IF, all this historical/present time dramatization is "Divine paradoxical play").

Devotee:  your recent superb, happy and moving telling of Beloved’s Divine Leela in play with you.Thank you so much love to you.

Julie: Thank you. In response, I heartedly ask, please be sure Quandra Sukhapur and Ruchiradharma Nadikanta see this Jeff Mishlove interview and openly embrace myself and many more available and willing to participate devotees, thus there will be more service and participation IF the nonsensical cultic guard is dropped. Then counterproductive foolishness can end. 

Devotee:  I wasted no time in sending the link to the interview

to some devotee friends with the accompanying letter below:

“By chance, a leela of Beloved’s Divine Play as told by Julie, came to my attention last night, quite sweet and vulnerable, it being so mysterious how Beloved Works with everyone, refusing to be contained, confined and owned by whatever small group or cult by whatever name”

How to get Quandra Sukhapur  and Ruchiradharma Nadikanta to watch it is another matter. Beloved never ceased to rail against cultism (us confining Him to our little and fearful room of Saint and Ear). The first book He wrote, The Mummery was an address to cultism and tribalism, which like egoity itself is our uninspected automaticity, that must be observed, understood and transcended if we are to be Bright. I am so moved by your particular (unappreciated and unrecognised) sadhana of being “cast out of His House” to serve Him in the larger world. Paradoxically, I have also come to see that even the maddening exoteric church has its role in His Great Mysterious World Work by keeping the institutional structures in place and the books in print, etc … and allowing the ecstatics and tantrics… the Crazy Da’s … their place to be hidden there (e.g. the mystics Terese of Avilla and John of the Cross shunned and persecuted by the institution while they lived, but eventually made doctors of the church when they were safely dead and no longer a threat to social religion) …. hang in there Julie, by which I mean “on to the tail of the horse” and be swept to god knows where.


Julie: Thank you for extending yourself this way. Truly. I am flying out to the US until the end of Jan. Nick is staying here in Australia. I am seeing family, devotees and going to New Mexico, where Jeff M lives to do more face to face interviews. 

While it is kind of people/devotees to say nice (or not nice) things and to feel and receive "positive/negative" responses to the interview, I am not looking for diametrically opposing responses, at all. Means nothing significant to me, really. Same old same old words but no True and Real Heart action that breaks the spell of egoity gripping Bright Siddha Da's World Work. My service is not about a "me". In a very real sense, I do not need to see the "positive/negative" responses. Unless, an entirely NEW action is being taken to break the spell of the "formalized insider/outsider cultism dramatization". Which has to start with face to face, body to body, globally enabled, uninhibited and unobstructed honesty in relationship to/IN Bright Reality Truth, the "RSO office", leadership and one another and the world.  Rather than the systemic dualistic dishonesty and deception being enabled and allowed (secretly and by code). Along with going beyond all the errors, delusions of advancement, fantasies and mythologies that justify inner/outer, up/down/inclusive/exclusive ego politics, tribalism, disrespect, abuse, cohesion, manipulation, gossip, propaganda, scapegoating, divisiveness and hierarchical role playing. Falseness of Evelyn act as all. Many devotees assume an error that presumes an: As IF, all this historical/present time dramatization is "Divine paradoxical play". This is unequivocally not true in Reality Truth, Bright Satsang As recognition responsive radical root devotion. Beloved Adi Da is NOT "working in mysterious ways" that creates dualities in tension with one another that perpetuate conflict or justify un-Love via knowing, conflict or power ownership games.

History repeating itself is not to be viewed as a sign or justification for the ego cultic dramatization to perpetuate itself. This is not Bright Leela.

The fact that "governance"/leadership/Treasures  are being "protected", "anchored", " and  "set apart" by being cloistered, unaccountable, shut down and made inaccessible except through the approval of one, who is also lied to and being made a fool of by fawning placating disservice, is what fuels cultism. 9 Laws cannot begin to be surrendered into until these errors are no longer allowed. Accountability for this and these dramas is not being allowed by dark forces at play including all of us, allowing them to rule and be obeyed. These violations cannot be ignored.

The manner is which the Treasures  "governance",  are now being used, enabled, supported and allowed and wrongly enamoured or made much of IS the collective ego act/agreement made up of many errors enacted by His  "devotees". Bright Siddha Da's Words. Not mine. Still being hidden and ignored.  He is still being subjugated by our collective ego act, as the world turns. Hard core cultists do not want to cop to or be known as and be responsible to change our act IN this Radical Understanding and  accept the Truth of Beloved's Summary Evaluation.


Adi Da Love Ananda: "The liability in the fourth stage of life is the tendencytoward dualistic and dogmatic or fixed symbolicinterpretations of the Ultimate Condition and Destiny of theworld and of human experience. It is the tendency towardvagrant psychism and illusory beliefs, founded in anexperiential state of undifferentiated unity with thepsychic root of the body-mind and the subtle dimension ofthe world.



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