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Do you know What anything is?

This "earlier time", 1976, of Consideration is non egoically and thus inherently linked with a "later time", 2004, Consideration in Adi Da's Siddhis.

Divine Ignorance IS Perfect Knowledge, a profound paradox resolved IN Eternal Time Awakening, of which all True devotees participate IN.

In this "culminating time", Bright Reality Reveals the One and Only continuous Divine Process, inclusive of and transcending all apparent identification, differentiation and desire in seeming time and space, as viewed and lived by egoically extended attention and acts.

May all be resolved and dissolved, and continue to radiate while Lived and Sublimed As One and Only. Each as a unique sacred offering, Happy In Love Blissful Eternal Heart embrace. No conflict, only spontaneously free/immediate ecstatic cooperative creativity. Unobstructed by any conditional being, mechanism or structure.

This is the 7th Way of Adi Da Love Ananda which first shows signs Itself as transfiguration and transformation. In Bright Love Yoga, no one or thing is negated. PRIORLY and Intrinsically bonded but not bound. Synchronously Free and unbounded, Only Bright Beauty, Conscious Light!

July 1976 Adi Da Samraj Gathers with devotees and Reveals the Truth that no one “knows”, or can ever “know” What a single thing is.

Adi Da: “Everything arises. And you ‘know’ nothing about it. Not even the slightest hint of What it Is. No way to describe it. It is completely awesome, and absurd, and, yet, workable. It is all of that. It is a paradox. And you ‘know’ nothing. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. NOTHING! NOTHING! Complete Ignorance. No ‘knowledge’ whatsoever. Complete Ignorance. You see? And, yet, nothing disappears. Your Ignorance is completely coincident with absolutely any moment whatsoever. Nothing that arises has the least ‘effect’ upon It, and It ‘causes’ nothing.

Everything arising is It. Everything is this same Ignorance. You may say it is a modification of It. It is still the same Ignorance. It makes no ‘difference’ whatsoever. There is no ‘knowledge’ arising at any moment, only arising itself. No ‘knowledge’ whatsoever. Even so-called ‘knowledge’ is only arising, and you ‘know’ nothing about it.

You have not the slightest idea What it Is independent of what you are thinking it ‘means’. You have no idea What it Is. So you exist in this complete Ignorance. You are this complete Ignorance. Everything is this Ignorance. There is only this complete absolute Ignorance—that makes no ‘difference’ whatsoever. What Is, is not the kind of ‘thing’ that makes a ‘difference’.”

“Nothing changes, nothing modifies this Ignorance. Look at all of ‘this’, and you realize that there is nothing ‘knowable’ about it. All of ‘this’ is not a ‘something’ about which ‘knowledge’ can appear.

There is no ‘knowledge’. Never.

There is only this Divine Ignorance, then. And that is it. This paradox is completely obvious when you are not ‘knowing’ anything about it. When you are entirely free of ‘knowledge’ and you abide in this Divine Ignorance, you see that ‘this’ is not a ‘something’ that has anything to do with ‘knowledge’. There is no ‘knowledge’. Only complete Divine Ignorance. And that is the Truth of it. You ‘know’ nothing. There is no ‘knowledge’. When you are Divinely Self-Realized, you are absolutely released in this Divine Ignorance.” ~The Mountain Of Attention Sanctuary

October 2004 Adi Da Speaks

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