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Egoity is inherently an event in space-time

Non dual philosophies or realizations or practices that confuse transcendence (even "ego self" transcendence) with negation or dissociation from all arising conditions are not inherently non dual awakenings.

If not inclusive of all arising ("no matter what arises or does not arise") the undifferentiated sacred Divine Light  nature of all arising is not recognized.

This recognition is prior to mind and language, thus a most primary/fundamental touch transmission. Feeling awareness at root. Prior to, yet all pervading and inclusive of the entire bodily being. Gross, subtle and causal aspects of possibilities, all forms, recognized. 

Beloved Adi Da: "Ordinary science, religion and culture seeks to experience, to know, to get advantage, to get control over what is mysterious, what is unknown, what is threatening. Ordinary religion, science and culture wants to achieve the result of absolute power over human beings. It is collective egoic pusuit in the face of fear, sorrow and anger or the denial of Love. To afirm this is all materiality, dying and effectively dead is a kind of affirmation of power. A manifestation of a dissociative disposition. That is merely afraid and self posessed and angry. Matter is Light! Not merely ordinary light....."


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