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Equanimity, Recognition and Outshining

There is an unconscious, often casually conscious, liability amongst  religious and spiritual seekers, likewise with "True/Real"* aspirants and practitioners, to abstractly dissociate from Reality Truth Itself and as a consequence separate from all perpetually arising conditions.

This liability is a sign of "non-recognition" of the Nature and Condition of the Bright*; Adi Da's Transmission of the Divine Self of "All and all, no matter what arises or does not arise".

Often students and practitioners will misunderstand and make wrong use of the exercise in samyana of, or experiences of, paradoxes, koans, satoris or samadhis if Bright Recognition Yoga of "Only One" (Not-Two) fails to be persistently, responsively and devotionally (surrender of ego act) engaged. 

An example is making the mistake of negation or disregard of arising conditions through the philosophical or experiential argument that all conditions are illusory and therefore, non existent or un-real. This conclusion reflects that the student or practitioner is "on the Way" and is still a "Listener" in relationship to Bright Teachings and Blessings. Having not yet Heard or Seen, this potential liability itself is what is illusory, given the cause of such a conclusion is the lie (falsehood) of the ego act itself. This act is what is un-Real, an illusion.

This tricky dissociative act is transcended in recognition responsive devotion in Bright Yoga, wherein the self-other dynamic is undone and the non different Nature and Condition of All and all is Realized. This gift of Awakening is the fundamental foundation of the Radical Reality Way.  Thus all is regarded as Divinely sacred, wherein abstraction from, negation or casual philosophical disregard for ALL arising is no longer possible. Why? "ALL is Understood and Realized to Be Love Bliss Being Itself", most precious and vulnerable. Even as ALL arises, changes and passes away the True and Real non-different Source Nature and Self Condition cannot be forgotten.

Inevitable errors, that must be observed and understood, are founded in limits that cause or are rooted in abstraction and dissociation in relationship to the "True Nature and Condition of Conscious Light, the Native State of Being Itself, all inclusive."

Adi Da Love Ananda: "We must take attention away from its preoccupation with, or bondage to, this infinite medium of dots and let it fall back into the contemplation of its own Source*. When that is done most profoundly, then there is the inherent or tacit, spontaneous recognition* of the Infinite Field in which this mechanical act of attention is being moved. Then whenever attention does move, wherever it moves, its condition and its objects are inherently, instantly recognizable*. They are still what they are as an appearance, but they are recognizable in their Source Condition*. They do not have the

capacity to destroy Enlightenment, or the Realization of the Truth. But we must persist in this power of recognition. It is a kind of Yoga of Enlightenment. Unless we persist in it, attention will simply continue to arise mechanically in this great crystal or Mandala. And, Enlightened or not, there is still the environment of limitation."

*Eternally Bright Reality Awakening 


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