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Fearing No More

Stuart Camps has been working on writing books and has recently published three books, with more to come. The books are available from Amazon.

The three books are entitled

"Fearing No More"


"Wandering Australia's Sacred Lands"

We (Mankind) Are the Food of God and are the highest structural expression of Life on Earth.

Da Love Ananda: "There is no other creature or process comparable to him (man/woman) on Earth. It is only through Man, and not through lower-adapted creatures or the elemental proceedings of the Realm of Nature, that the spiritual and Transcendental qualities of Divine Life can become manifest. The human individual is not generally born with a native capacity to exercise his highest structural potential, but each individual is born into a circumstance in which, through the play of adaptation, he may eventually Realize and even Transcend the highest structural destiny of Man.

Man can learn only his most rudimentary lessons from what is less than himself. Therefore, the human individual cannot depend on the workings of Nature or the testimony and demonstration of other creatures for his Life-Lesson in Love, or Transcendental God-Communion.

Nor can any individual depend on the mass of immature human beings if he is to gain the Lesson of Love and fulfill Life as Man.

We are each inherently obliged to fulfill the Law in human form-to be Love. Love, or the spiritual and Transcendental Realization and Incarnation of God, comes into expression on Earth only through Man, or else it does not appear at all. It is through Man that the higher potential of Earth can be Realized and Shown. Therefore, do not aspire to what is merely active in the Realm of Nature. Do not aspire to the level of creatures and elemental processes. Do not aspire to the mediocrity and subhumanity of the usual man. Rather, be Inspired and Instructed by the Spiritual Master, the True Man. Be Inspired to Incarnate Love, Ecstasy, Divine Communion, Radiant Life, and all the Excellence of Man in God.

Transcend yourself in God-Love, and fulfill the Man by Sacrifice, or constant Ecstasy.

In our subhuman childishness we look to feed on God, the Real, and all that exists. We are violently motivated toward food, pleasure, and survival. We are summarized in the demand to be sustained and satisfied. We seek the Edible Deity, in order to contain Him and control His Powers of Life. But our bodies and minds are obliged by the Law of Sacrifice.

The inherent and Divine demand that pervades the structures of Man is the demand that we be a sacrifice to the Purpose and Person of God. We must feed the Deity with all our feeling acts. We are the necessary food of God. We must consent to be eaten, to be ecstatic, to be the offering of the body-mind or self in God-Communion.

Those who fulfill the Law in human form do not feed on God, or contain Him within themselves. Rather, they surrender themselves in God and are Translated into God through their ecstasy. They do not contain Him. They are Him, since they have ceased to be themselves alone."


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