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Financial and Legal Control

To readers and subscribers:

A Bright Heart prayer of gratitude and thank you for participating in this necessary process of Listening to Bright Siddha Adi Da, wherein self observation and self understanding potentially enable True service IN Heart Direct self transcending yoga. This never ending Process allows/makes room for and agrees, IN Truth Itself, As Adi Da IS, to Be the transfiguring and transformative "husbanding"Heart force of Love Blissful Reality Being. That which IN Truth (only by Bright Transmission Process Realized as Real and True) cannot be known, owned, controlled or institutionalized.

Formalities are useful, but not if twisted by ego active patterning and thereby corrupted and abusive. This is happening. A blind eye cannot be the collective mode of agreement. No matter what the logic may be.

The continuing from past cycles into present time, the revised collective enactment calling itself "Adidam" devotees, renunciate orders, governing authority, leadership, functionaries, mission priesthood, community, guilds, especially the Adidam Samrajya and its subservient followers/enablers/silent subversives, all demonstrate the refusal of the all inclusive DIRECT Bright Husbanding Force and lack of responsibility for the significant/ consequential failures of all such relevant egoic errors that continue to be chosen, with the limits therein being steadfastly dramatized.

On this platform you will notice that certain links no longer have any material to be read or heard or viewed. I am intentionally not removing these links.


They represent the tightness of the legal fist of the Adidam Samrajya who, rather than exercising an all inclusive enabling embrace/cooperative service relationship with highly creative devotees who are passing on sacred prasad (gifts from Beloved Adi Da), these precious, expansive creatives as extremely sensitive beings are being randomly and fruitlessly SHUT DOWN. Often without any human loving explanation or exchange. Flat old, dare I say it a pick n choose bullying technique. All in the irresponsible mode of “the RSO said” or even worse, "Beloved Said"!

Just doing as the boss says, not my responsibility. Following the leader and orders. Passing the buck, even though I know its awfully questionable, I do not want the consequences of the fist of control to come down on me me me and mine ! "

The collateral damage this sparks is of no concern to these perpetrators, it seems. Even though, for years the dark festering/bubbling implications are felt and the negative results are reflected to these authorities and to the whole gathering, to the Da Gurukula, to Adi Da close intimates and to the collective gathering itself all who have voiced and shown self implicating and indicating signs. And, for decades now, most poignantly Bright Siddha Adi Da cautioned all of this egoically patterned tragedy.

The prevailing commanded asana is to ignore and to legally and financially strategize, secretly, from the Brightness grounds, on the Sacred Island of Naitauba and extended out to pockets of insiders, globally to negate, defame specific devotees, slam shut access and necessary service to these recognition responsive beings who are in constant yearning to Truly serve Reality Truth Itself.


The agenda is to righteously, by playing out as presumptuous fundamentalists, maintain the who and what that define power/position/pattern of their narrow perspectives by a propaganda narrative that feels entitled, as if "chosen", to assume ownership and control of Adi Da's Treasures.

A Maha Da cleansing of this failing, corrupt grasping, abusively counterproductive end time collective asana, is actively/visibly required.

Bright Regeneration is paramount and urgent.


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