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First Gift of Siddha Da Brilliance

No seeking Surrender No ego-"I"-other Only ONE Process

Please enjoy and be illuminated by an 'old' chapter from the 1982 book, 'The Bodily Location of Happiness.' I think you will see the RELEVANCE it has to our present time in 2020

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The Divine Life and Work of the Spiritual Master

Gratitude Ed Reither for your Siddha Da Seva, I am deeply grateful for your diligent Heart focus!

Remember, at heart with every breath, this paradoxical esoteric Truth of Siddha Da

I am speaking to everyone when I speak into the tape recorder. There is “nobody there”, except “somebody” with a tape recorder. Why is that? I am not just speaking to whoever is in the room with the tape recorder. I am speaking to everybody, literally. I meditate everybody. I am everybody. And I am speaking to everybody, and not to everybody as egos at all. I am simply Revealing Myself in “everyone’s face”. Adi Da 2008

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