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God Has Zero Influence

Adi Da Love Ananda 1975: 

"You can think of the Guru as some absolutely realized influence that is not other than God and that just happens to continue to have a body and a psyche and to be able to talk and influence people. And you can imagine that at the end of the lifetime the Guru is reduced to the soup of God and has no more influence than God already did before he was born.

God has zero influence, as you well know! God is simply the eternal or absolute Condition. In itself, the Divine has no influence, no effect upon these karmic lives. They are going on according to their own laws. It is only when the agency of the Divine appears in the levels of manifestation that it can take responsibility for the transformation of these lives, these destinies.

So you must understand that the Guru is not of the kind that at death returns to the soup. The Guru is a specific agent and he continues to have functions in the gross plane, in the subtle plane, in the causal plane, in all the transcendent planes. The Guru reaches down through all these dimensions and appears as an effect, an influence, in all places, independent of his gross consciousness."


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