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I Am Here not within or out

The most essential, primary and  fundamental revelatory (Not Two, the only inherently non dual freedom) communications given by Bright Adi Da are always Reality Truth Context HEART transmitted.

Divine Self Revealed,  recognition and re-cognition process, egolessly coinciding, enables any action to be free of seeking.  

Recognition response and responsibility is not possible if this Awakened Radical Understanding is not stable and whole bodily demonstrated.

This Reality Truth is Bright Law. All else is secondary and supportive ONLY if this Satsang is demonstrated as an all inclusive Sangha in life, in all relations. NO RECOIL.

Methodic belonging and "turning" will not accomplish anything that is Love Blissfully heart liberating nor serve Divine Reality Being and Process.

See below, focus in last years of Adi Da's written into Aletheon:

"Atheism regularly proposes a “logic” of life that has its own dogmatic features. It does not propose a “God”-idea but, instead, founds itself on and in the perceptual and phenomenal mind alone. Atheism concedes only a universal and ultimately indifferent (or merely lawful) cosmic Nature (not a “God”)—and, so, there is no need to create a “religious creation-myth” to account for suffering. (And atheistic thinkers thus generally confine themselves to constructing at cosmology, based on material observations alone, that merely accounts for the apparent workings of the conditionally manifested events of cosmic Nature.) Indeed, just as conventional “God-religion” (or conventional theism) arises to account for suffering, atheism arises on the basis of the unreserved acknowledgment of suffering. And, if there is no idea of God”, there is no idea of the human being as “creature” (or, in other words, the human being as the bearer of an immortal, or “God-like”, “inner” part). Nor is there any need to interpret unfortunate or painful events as the “effects” of “Evil”. Therefore, the atheistic “point of view” is characterized by the trend of mind called “realism”, just as the conventional “religious” (or theistic) “point of view” is characterized

by the trend of mind called “idealism”—but both atheism and theism arise on the basis of the “self”- Contraction (or the ego of phenomenal “self”-consciousness), rather than on the basis of direct Intuition of the Real Self-Nature, Self- Condition, and Self-State That is Prior to separate “self” and its conventions of perception and thought."


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