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I AM Not Localized In Reality Truth

“I am not an egoic entity. Therefore, I am not aware in egoic- entity terms. This is not a matter of mere belief, but it is “Known” to be so if you devotionally recognize Me and Really “Locate” Me. Devotional Communion with Me is about “Perfect Knowledge” of Me, not mere belief in Me.

If you truly enter into devotional Communion with Me, you “Know” Me in the Non-localized sense—and you are (Thus and Thereby) Un-bound, by Me, from your own localized existence

as well.”

Siddha Adi Da - The Aletheon

The above Confession describes Satsang, the Context that is recognition responsive Awakening to Radical Devotion, necessary to begin The 7th Way, eternally, egolessly free.

If you hear a devotee* speak or act relative to or related to Siddha Adi Da, His Agencies or devotees as follows:

+There will always be the ego “I”-other dynamic until Enlightenment.

+Dramatized acts of attention, enactment based in and as ego-"I" “point of view” will always be so until Enlightenment.

+Cosmically universalized and personal patterns of mummery drama will always be so until Enlightenment.

These statements may be being said in a manner that is unknowingly justifying ego “I”- other acts of separateness and difference. Played out in a myriad of ways such as:

+exoteric, puritanical, conventional taboos culturally implemented as rules or social expectations in speech and action, lack of Bright Freedom and seriousness signed by joy, fullness, humour, forgiveness, compassion, wisdom, depth insight and expansive embrace

+casual misuse, lies, deception and revision of dharma, communications and Leela

+protective fears becoming overly tight and controlling, in a defensive legalized/financially focused structural hierarchy of ownership that usurps sacred esotericism and integrity of Reality Process, obstructive and unable to serve as true conduit to link devotees in large numbers, all inclusively, ineffective conductivity, cloistered and self concerned

+trending towards cultic insensitivity towards humanity, sacred needs and principles of truly human and esoteric maturity and morality, individually and collectively

+closed to open dialog consisting of legitimate and necessary emotional heart confessions, consideration, questions and challenges, intolerance of non conformist differences

+controversially established hierarchy and conflicted subjugant gathering becomes a seemingly impenetrable insiders/outsiders cultic conflict which will not be held to account, does not value collective or public feedback or signs of failure around counterproductive modes of leadership and participation

+outsider adolescent dramatizations of threat, victimization and sabotage, undercurrents of disrespect, upheaval, undermining, but unwilling to be active and visible responsibly and maturely, fearful of authority and responsibility, self concerned, independent, not accountable to a true culture

+dissociative or abstracted avoidance, cultism, tribalism, cult of pairs fuelling indiscriminate obedience or adolescent revolt or club mentality, two-faced and costumed and masked

+emotionally unhealthy, counterproductive, dishonest and dramatic forms of submission or reaction, compliance or conflict, unquestioning servitude or debate, victimization or scapegoating

+even going so far as covert or overt aggressive demeaning gossip, culturally agreed upon and guided manipulation, shaming, ignoring or even abuse, irrespective of function, position, congregation, irrespective of being formally involved or not

+perhaps even indicating diplomatically; “we will just have to agree to disagree” on primary root radical dharma and foundation AS Adi Da’s Person, Process and Agencies

+this is the way it was when Beloved was Alive (as His Bodily Human Form), and I am doing as Beloved Adi Da and devotees did in the past, reflecting a lack of Reality Intelligence, fawning deification, attachments and mythologizing of past "Play" and patterns, hierarchy and relations

These points above are red flags that need to be consistently addressed. Why? They are acts pointing to errors of practice IN Radical Self Understanding and Divine Self Revelation of Conscious Light which is unique to Siddha Da Satsang, Sangha and Seva.

These dramatizations are likely an indication of non-recognition-responsive-practice, or insufficient maturing IN Radical root devotion to Siddha Da. These errors would expose a lack of maturing in the Radical foundation Process. The services of education, relational recognition-responsive awareness, lawful accountability, skilful and artful consideration, implementation and demonstration would need to be reviewed. Many devotees are presently recommending this review needs to be engaged. The collective has yet to agree to facilitate this. Leadership is preventing this necessity. Unfortunately there is still no effective body of devotees serving together to facilitate addressing these important matters to bring about obvious respected and proven integrity.

Relative to Radical recognition-responsive receptivity, the practicing devotees would always be enabled and encouraged to ecstatically (not gleefully or superficially) confess “I am responsively and receptively Awake”. This Awakened devotional capability consummates and thereby establishes practice beyond and prior to the act of ego “I”-other dynamic, as a true devotee of Siddha Da. This ecstatic always present time Leela, Bright Agency, would be offered in an open, free voice, individually and as a Sangha. This True Heart confession of devotees is the essential primary, trusted, demonstrated and respected foundation Awakening Space that is thus qualified to offer True Reality Blessing and acknowledgement in evaluation of Process and practice, a culture of tested and proven authenticity. It is the Always Already Context that is Reality Itself, the direct right relationship to and IN Adi Da. True and Real governance, education, guidance, leadership, inspirational demonstration and process of radical root devotion is always receptively Lived in Eternal “Time”, no matter who or what arises. The Signs of accomplishment (gifts of devotion) will be obvious as True Heart Love in all relations, trust, respect, expansive inclusiveness, growth, support, tolerance and cooperation, equanimity, wisdom, expectation, accountability etc. This is Bright Instrumentality inspiration and demonstration. This does not yet fully exist in Adidam, therefor there are no devotees lawfully able to be acknowledged as mature enough to be responsible as spiritually transcendental advancing or advanced practitioners. These full signs, as Adi Da has made explicitly clear, have yet to manifest. While all His Gifts Of Direct Relationship and Agencies are irrevocably established. Some devotees are assuming advanced practice and initiation is so. This conundrum is the crux of the present time challenge and call for rightening in Adidam. These errors are a violation of due Reality Process and a delusional mythological revision associated with the first 6 stages of life. Bright Reality Process is not about growth via the stages of life. Many are still holding onto past patterns wherein Divine Reality Self and Lessons were Revealed and Instruction Given, yet to be submitted Into. Divine Reality Laws are still being ignored.

The Who and What of Reality is Siddha Da's non dual Being, “located” AS tacit and tangible all inclusive, egoless Bright Touch. His Darshan and Hridaya Shakitpat evokes the responsive prerequisite and establishes the devotee in the necessary Conscious Context and Love Blissful Yoga that IS and AS the entire Process of Radical Relationship to Adi Da. This direct Process of Siddha Yoga is inherently wordless, spontaneous, unknowable, paradoxical, non progressive, not methodical, not rote, not programmed, not institutionalized, not cosmically experiential, no fixed structures or techniques required or effective. Siddha Yoga of Conscious Light.

Sit in genuine recognition response to Siddha Da, please read His Words of Instruction below. His Instruction makes very clear His Revelation of the Relationship and only Therein is the foundation practice of radical root devotion Awakened, heart moved and evidenced. Heart Native to all beings, there are no "chosen ones" in the Bright. This Process enables all inclusive true sacred and human maturity, inherently, and compassionately dissolves reactive dramatizations of un-Love, rejection and betrayal in direct Heart relationship to all beings. This prerequisite responsibility esoterically activates true devotion, right life, Listening, Hearing, Seeing and Perfect Practice Consideration and Knowledge, ever maturing. This Bright Fullness is wholly possible but not yet the sign of a fully mature leadership or collective. These signs must and will Happen. Observe Siddha Da's Siddhis at Work, Intervening and Coinciding in this ongoing Eternal Reality Consideration Process. Even as you are a participant here, your response is relevant; at heart "observe and understand". There is no separation or differences in Reality Yoga. Prior Unity is inherent and actualized in relationship to Adi Da and His Agencies and all beings. This will be the most auspicious sign of Right Reality Relationship in the world. Sorely needed, to Unqualifiedly Outshine all variant shades of conditional light. The Native Conscious State of Being is all inclusive, Divine and Single non-dual Heart conversion, even as infinite differences continue to arise.

The key pivotal, continuing revision and "reason" for obstructions persisting, is the unlawful establishment of a pyramidal hierarchy (not by Adi Da's design) dramatizing erroneous assumptions of advanced practitioners. These devotees have yet agreed to be submitted to necessary accountability for testing and proving in the Cultural Context Adi Da describes as required to fulfil Divine Reality Laws. Unfortunately at this time, it appears the force of collective of devotees (formal or not, the lowest common denominator) is willing for this stubborn stalemate and root ego act obstruction to continue. Unspeakably painful that this is so. Yet aware and Awake voices and numbers are growing. The consequential responsive Turn About is always inherently imminent. As is one of Adi Da's Signs, this will Happen unexpectedly and spontaneously and effortlessly. No ego "I" act involved!

This is what Siddha Da's Summary Conclusion was of all devotees and the world at the time of His Mahasamadhi. This is why He Said: no one, not the gathering or the world has recognized Me sufficiently for the full establishment of the stable mature foundation of His 7th Way Process to truly begin, grow and flower. Since His Summary Time ego politics have continued to be at play. Even governance itself is aware of Adidam as still being "Saint and Ear" (revised Adidam) and states this to be true. This is one of the reasons why the RSO Office cloisters itself. While devotees surround, enclose and "protect them", enabling these errors and illusions to throttle His Direct Authority and Emergence to authenticate and Conform True Adidam Ruchiradam. This wrong relationship dissociates the RSO Office from the larger gathering and the process of accountability and authentication. These are the signs that indicate radical root devotion does not stably and fully characterize this culture at the foundation beginners level and is not being led or guided by devotees mature in responsibility for Siddhas Da's Radical Gifts. These harsh but true realities are consistently being brought out into the open and are being asked to be addressed and clarified by all devotees able to do so. There is a dead silent refusal of non response.

Where is fidelity to Siddha Da and His Purity and Freedom? Why is the urgency not obvious?

*no matter what congregation, function or respectful association

Adi Da, Bright Heart Beloved (The Aletheon):

“When I am Really “Located”, My Transcendental Spiritual Self-Transmission is literal and undeniable. My Transcendental Spiritual Self-Transmission Is the “Proof” that Reality—and the “world” altogether—is of an entirely different Nature than people other- wise suppose.

When people “Locate” and “Know” Me in that Real manner, they no longer continue in the merely-gross pattern of egoic “worldliness”. To Transcendentally Spiritually “Locate” Me and

“Know” Me is Inherently Transformative. If you Transcendentally Spiritually “Know” Me, you are transformed. If you are not transformed, then you do not Transcendentally Spiritually “Know” Me. What I Am Self-Manifesting here—including My Teaching altogether—Exceeds the limitations of traditional Eastern culture, just as It Exceeds the limitations of traditional Western culture. Therefore, I must be devotionally recognized and “Known” As I Am—beyond, and Prior to, both Alpha (or the Eastern mode of “knowing”) and Omega (or the Western mode of “knowing”). My Consciousness is not Itself local (or localized), and not

bound by “point of view”. Because I Am of a Transcendental Spiritual Nature, My Sensitivity Is Universalized. Therefore, I Am Self- Extended to (literally) everywhere and everyone.

From Birth, I have been an egoless Non-local “Personality”— always having to Suffer and Address people who are limited to “point of view” in the body. Human beings are ego- bound to “point of view”—locked into a physical shape, a conditionally apparent and limited “self”-image. In any case, Reality Itself is not a “point of view”. Therefore, Divine Self-Realization—or Most Perfect Realization of the Self-Nature, Self-Condition, and Self-State of Reality Itself—is Non-local, and (therefore) Most Perfect Reality-Realization Outshines the body- mind and the “world”. That Is True. That Is the Truth. That is why renunciation and Realization are the same. It is not that there is something about the body that is to be avoided—as if it were a kind of trap, in and of itself. It is simply that Most Perfect

Realization of Reality Itself Is Intrinsically egoless—and, therefore, Intrinsically (and literally) Non-local. My devotees must never relate to Me as a merely localized entity. My devotees must always relate to Me As I Am. If you devotionally recognize Me, then you “Know” this. I am not confined by the Body. I am (while I Live) merely in apparent association with the Body—for the Sake of beings. That is all. I am not of a local nature. There is no ego “inside” This Body. If you “pin” Me in the Body—seeing Me only in terms of the gross body and the social personality—then you are not aware of Me. Through the bodily eyes, I can look into the room, but I am literally Seeing everywhere. It Is an Extraordinary Process, Beyond ordinary human comprehension—but It Is Really So. I am Associated with all the dimensions of Reality—altogether and everywhere. I am not localized in a body or in a mind. I have an apparent

association with This Body, for the Sake of everyone—but It Is I (As I Am) Who am Associated with This Body. I am not an egoic entity. Therefore, I am not aware in egoic-entity terms. This is not a matter of mere belief, but it is “Known” to be so if you devotionally recognize Me and Really “Locate” Me. Devotional Communion with Me is about “Perfect Knowledge” of

Me, not mere belief in Me. If you truly enter into devotional Communion with Me, you “Know” Me in the Non-localized sense—and you are (Thus and Thereby) Un-bound, by Me, from your own localized existence as well. The appearance of localized existence is going to be destroyed, in time. Every local appearance is going to die. Therefore, it is self-evident that you should make use of the brief occasion of embodiment to Realize That Which Is Non-local—Reality Itself, Prior to time and place and “point of view”. Reality Itself Is the Only God There Is. By patterned tendency, people presume they have to hold on to a fixed (or localized) position. People are afraid to be released from localized awareness to the Non-localized Self-Nature, Self-Condition, and Self-State of Reality Itself—because to be so released is to lose “point of view”. It is absolutely true that you are going to lose life as you “know” it. Only when the Love-Bliss of Non-localized devotional Communion with Me is Obvious will you permit the dissolution of “point of view” to be Perfect. Perfect devotional

dissolution of “point of view” to be Perfect. Perfect devotional Communion with Me involves the dissolution of everything—the dissolution of body, of all energy, all forms, all “worlds”, all mind, all concepts. In Perfect devotional Communion with Me, moment to moment release of “point of view” to Non-localized Reality Itself becomes your pleasure. In that case, this “world” (whether gross or subtle) becomes truly humorous and liveable. And, in that case, this “world” can be made truly sacred. The purpose to which the lifetime should be given is the tacit Realization and the direct Demonstration of Reality Itself. What “causes” the lifetime is all the “machinery” of conditional reality. Nevertheless, that does not mean that the purpose of the lifetime is in the domain of “causes” and "effects”. The purpose by which the lifetime should be governed is the Prior and Intrinsic Realization That Transcends conditional existence, Transcends “point of view”, Transcends localization, and (therefore) Transcends embodiment (in the localized, egoic sense)”.


Remember, at heart with every breath, this paradoxical esoteric Truth of Siddha Da

I am speaking to everyone when I speak into the tape recorder. There is “nobody there”, except “somebody” with a tape recorder. Why is that? I am not just speaking to whoever is in the room with the tape recorder. I am speaking to everybody, literally. I meditate everybody. I am everybody. And I am speaking to everybody, and not to everybody as egos at all. I am simply Revealing Myself in “everyone’s face”. Adi Da 2008


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