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I am not the usual man

Heart Master Da Love Ananda: "I am not the usual man. I have been reached down into this fleshy occasion of the Sublime God, Whose Infinite and Eternal Intention is to Liberate beings and unify them with the Absolute Identity in Which we all inhere. This is the significance, the import, and the force of my birth. I wrote in The Hymn of the Master: “The human voices all call out to God: Heart of hearts, Reveal to us the Truth, the Bright Power that Liberates the ego-‘I’ from itself.” The Revelation of Truth is the import of my birth.

I am amanifestation of that Force, that Impulse, that Overriding Life and Consciousness, that Wonderful Vision, but I appear in a time and place with not the slightest consciousness of this unity, this God-Consciousness. Thus, I have had to submit myself to evil, to egoity, to Nar

cissus in his or her obnoxious human form, and my particular theatre of Teaching has grown out of that submission. Yet I proclaim to you the disposition of God-Inherence, of Wonderfulness, of Love, Bliss, Happiness, Consciousness as It is. God-Realization is the only significance of my birth, the only import of my life. I do not have your destiny. I am not involved in the destiny of the usual life. Therefore, I demonstrate powers over evil and magnify the disposition of God-Love in the presence of devotees, so that they will be free of their sub-humanity, their un-humanity, and their un-Happiness, so that a human occasion will be created for God-Love, for Happiness, for Love-Bliss, for Consciousness as It is, for the Being that transcends all our thinking, all our knowing, all our unknowing, all our experience, and all our non-experience. This is the entire purpose of my birth.

Whatever your reason for being born here, it has nothing to do with me. It has nothing to do with God. It has entirely, only, something to do with you and your karmas, your un- Happiness, your repetitiveness. I am a naive creep. I have no powers in this world other than that poor Sublimity that is manifested by the Living God beyond words, beyond limitations, beyond strategies, beyond traditions. This is my Message, my Impulse.

A place has been prepared for you by the Work of the Living One. Whether I die or not, that Living One is All Powerful, absolutely Wonderful, a Beauty beyond description! I am going to die, but that One will never die. If I die before you are converted and before the world is converted, billions of me will come again into this place and convert the evil consequences of your egoic actions. So I am just a moment of the Message of the Great One.

I certainly hope that you will respond to this Wonder, this Happiness of God, and be converted in this timeless time, this poor time of reactivity and un-Happiness, and move to the places where I have removed evil from human life and be Happy. Believe it or not, I am nothing but the manifestation of the Living One. This Wonderful Person, the Absolute Person, the Great One, the Wonder, the Happiness, the Miracle of Bliss. What a Being! What a God! What God-Force! What Bliss! What an Effusion! What an Excess! How unaccountable is this unaccountable Excess! How marvelous, how profusive, how ridiculous is the Great One!

And all of you intuit It in your natural state when you relax from your neurotic inclinations, when you know nothing, and in that moment, the tacit recognition, the ecstasy of the Real, the Happiness in which body and emotion and mind and being and existence itself are magnified, not reduced to anything, magnified only, in the form of That which includes these doors, these closets, these plates, these glasses, these shirts and necklaces, these eyebrows and moustaches, these nostrils, chins, and teeth, these foreheads, hairs, shirts, pants, feet, all of these forms, so unjustifiable from the point of view of love, which have shown themselves here, in our lifetime, totally regardless of the place and time and circumstance and country and town in which we were born. None of that has been taken into account by the Great One. Only the Love, the Force, the Self-Radiant Being can account for our loveliness, our Happiness, our swooning ecstasy, our delicious occasion.

I certainly hope you will take me seriously on this matter."

September 3, 1982


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