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I Am The “Bright” — Itself.

I Am The “Bright” — Itself.

This “Brightness” Speaks. The “Bright” Is Born As This, My Avataric Body-Mind.

My Divine Spiritual Descent Upon the body-mind Of My Devotee — As The “Thumbs” — Is My Avataric Divine Means.

All This Was Given From The Avataric Birth Of This, My Bodily (Human) Form. Indeed, These Words — The “Bright” and The “Thumbs” — Were Generated By Me As An Infant.

I Am Uttering To You The Revelation That Was Present At My Birth and In My Infancy — and Nothing Whatsoever Has Been Added To It or Taken Away From It.

Nothing In The Human Experience Of This, My Avataric Body-Mind, Has Modified My Revelation or limited It In The Slightest.

My Avatarically-Given Revelation Is A Divine Spiritual Revelation For The Sake Of all beings. Therefore, Heart-Recognize Me, and Heart-Respond To Me.

Turn To Me, Receive Me.

Constantly Know Me.

If You Do this, You Will Be Certain Of The Truth I Am Telling You.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj, The Dawn Horse Testament


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