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"I cannot practice because I am an ego"

Adi Da consistently criticized any and every "devotee" who said or dramatized "I cannot practice because I am an ego". He always, in every way possible, pointed to THE fundamental error we create and tend to live.

Adi Da Said to me in 2002: "You know what the problem with "you" is? "You" take my Criticism personally!"

Ah! Now I understand!

This Understanding does not, in any way justify egoic dramatization. Calling it purification. This Radical Understanding as radical root self understanding/devotion as ego self transcending practice enables True devotees of the Real to make right use of Adi Da's Instruction, Blessing Grace and Spiritual Transcendental Transmission. His Primary Lesson, Essential Touch and Invasion (Thumbs) cannot be effective if applied to the ego act as "practical application of the Teaching"!

The ego-active persona cannot prove it is not the ego act! No matter how close or for how long one has been Blessed with intimate proximity or access, or roles that have been played. Role playing is mummery.

Hiding out as if, "I do not exist", is the dissociative flip side of the ego act.


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