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I Gave it All Away – Adi Da Samraj

Adi Da (from the Talk " I Gave it All Away"):

"The institution should refuse to be reduced to a dull, low energy, hyped, worldly communication. We must be more than an institution. We must be committed to a lively, vigorous, intelligent, sophisticated, stable, cool, and Enlightened communication of the Way of Truth. Some games should simply never be played. Some games you only suffer profoundly until you drop them. Therefore, do not begin them. Simply refuse to function in certain ways. Look at other religious organizations, you can see something in all of them that reveals how they have compromised themselves. Some things should just never be done."

"You must realize that we are more than an institution trying to survive. You must do more than merely survive. You must make the institution function as an actual Transmitter of this Wisdom Teaching. Only then will you know what to do. In other words, you must realize that the institution is a shell for the Transmission of the Teaching of Truth in the world. If you forget that, if you do not understand that, then we are reduced to being an institution only. But if you can keep your attention on the fact that you are a process of Transmission, you will not compromise the Way I have Revealed to you. If you are not aware of your function, and if you are not functioning from a high Spiritual point of view, you will inevitably compromise the Way."

"Devotees must do real samyama, rather than opt for the traditions in a way that shows a weakness on their part to understand the Adept. You can read all kinds of traditional literature, but you must understand the actual living process or else you will fail to communicate it in Truth. Everyone must practice the art of Agency of Spiritual Transmission, and devotees must become serious about it. Let those who practice with depth and power and strength and faith come forth, and let them communicate the living Teaching, the Living Reality. Let them practice the Way and thus in every moment be an Agency of Transmission. Let them help others make this adaptation to the Living Reality. This is their service!"

"The institution must be vigorous and expansive. People must be communicated to. People are dying and suffering even though there is religion and everything else out there, but most of religion and everything else are fake, a compromise. They do not serve and help people truly. My intention has been to establish an institution that is a Transmitter of the Greatness of this Way, and to see it be wholly and vigorously alive and dealing with things that other religions do not want to think about yet, but that must be addressed."

"I have given you an immense fortune. Go beyond your neurosis. Get involved with many more people. Be creative with your wealth. You have been given so much. It seems impossible to fail when you have been given so much, but you will fail if you do not recognize what you have been given."


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