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I have Come into this world for the sake of My devotees


After this playful exchange, Adi Da then went on to give a very comprehensive reply. He talked about how specific individuals who had a past association with a Spiritual Master can help that Spiritual Master re-incarnate. In a conversation many years later (February 18, 1993), He would make the same point. (The "Gurukula" mentioned in the exchange are four women who were intimates of Swami Vivekananda, all of whom are now reincarnated and are devotees of Adi Da.)


DEVOTEE: Sri Gurudev, I have a question relative to the Gurukula's function in the preparation of Your Vehicle. On February 18, You mentioned in a conversation about the Gurukula that they had made Your Manifestation possible.

ADI DA: By their requiring of it.

DEVOTEE: Their heart-need for You to incarnate?

ADI DA: Yes. The Gurukula is made up of individuals previously associated with Vivekananda. This is part of that submitting to Me and their association with Me.



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