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I Offer only the Way of “Radical” Understanding (or the Way of Adidam)

In response to this website which I have never seen before, I offer below, not only Beloved Adi Da's Words.


In response, I am fallen, perpetually, into the Heart of all inclusive Bright Being, Adi Da Beloved, no other/Other at all. I offer this question, especially now that His Mahasamadhi occurred in 2008, now sixteen years later:

WHY? What auspiciously essential purpose for all responsive participants involved, is there a continued angular dispute that "degrades" the Bright Messenger? I ask this question of both "Adidam" cultists and revengeful antagonists, and of every cultist choosing a flavor of reaction on the broad spectrum of possibilities. For all choices, yes choices, are the same thieving coin of ego identity and activity.

While the fault/problem, all along and now, forever, is caused by ego activity, relatedness and patterning. Smash the Bright Mirror all you like, surrender of and letting go into and growing beyond this root activity is required In Bright Awakening. Agree to be set free.


The tit for tat arguments are a foolish waste of time and energy and abusive of sacred space Itself. I offer this to all who play any roles in a  conflict. Take full responsibility for any actions less than True Heart Love. 


Therefore, Radically Understand, Adidam is the DIRECT relationship to/IN Adi Da Love Ananda's Divine Self Given Way of Divine Self Identification via/IN DIRECT all pervading, all inclusive Bright Satsang. 


Adidam is NOT an organizational  institutional power structure, wherein, hierarchical subordination rules and corresponds to roles, principles or codes of conduct or methods whereby one is required to join, as a seeker,  by inspiration or as an aspiration to submit to, follow or believe in or conform to. 



Adi Da Love Ananda:

"I am not “full”.

I do not feel “full” or “fulfilled”.

I am Lost in My Own Divine Fullness.

That Love-Bliss-Fullness Is the Same Fullness That Includes all beings and Is the Divine

Self-Condition (and Source-Condition) of all-and-All.

That Divine Self-Condition Is Already and Always Full.

Since That Is So, what is the use of Kundalini? What is the use of the powers of experience?

I am not concerned for the Kundalini or for Spiritual experiences of any kind.

I do not desire to initiate such experiences in others.

I will not play the role of traditional Yogi-initiator.

I Am the Free Avataric Divine Self-Revelation of Real God—and only That Freedom is

What I would Give to My devotees.


I do not promise, value, or teach the path of Kundalini Yoga (or any other strategic,

or conventional, Yoga that depends on the merely conditional fullness of the Yogi-

initiator). Rather, I Offer only the Way of “Radical” Understanding (or the Way of Adidam)—

Which depends only on the Eternal Fullness of Real God, and in Which there is no

“thing”, status, state, or ability to be acquired by the seeker.

 Appropriate Yogic processes arise in My rightly practicing devotee, just as rhythmic

breaths naturally arise in someone who rides a horse.

 I Instruct My devotee in how to responsibly and rightly relate to these spontaneous processes, even as the rider must be instructed in how to ride a horse.


But there is no sense in which the preoccupation with Yogic (or subtle) processes is

appropriate or necessary. Only Real God Is Full. And the Fullness of Real God Is the Prior Fullness That Is Reality Itself. Therefore, I have no impulse or intention to fascinate mankind, but only to be of Use

to mankind.


 I Am the Heart.  My Avataric Divine Work is to Establish the Way of “Radical” Understanding, in Which

the True Divine Heart of Me is Lived.  


If I Speak of the Light, it is only because I Stand Always Present As Conscious Light—Always Ready to Be the Light, the Form, and the Life of those who are Fallen in the True

Divine Heart of Me. 


If I Speak of Fullness, it is only because I Stand Always Present As the Love-Bliss-

Fullness That Is the True Self-Nature of all beings and things.


Therefore, I Speak of the Heart, the Light, and the Fullness.

But My Wisdom-Teaching is simple:

Live with Me, and understand.

Understand, and Fall into My Heart.



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