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Inclusivity In Freedom of Choice

This Buddhist site below is a happy demonstration of inclusivity and service to humanity. Especially during these tumultuous times.

“If you’re invested in security and certainty, you are on the wrong planet.” 

Pema Chödrö

Adi Da Love Ananda:

"The primary form of sexual sila in Adidam is to confine sexual activity to a committed relationship, or, in the case of those who choose to be celibate, to a regenerative practice of own-body sexual Yoga.

As a devotee of Adi Da, you also avoid forms of non-relational sexual activity (such as chronic, solitary degenerative masturbation, or any sexual activity that exploits erotic mental imagery) and establish a sexual economy that is appropriate for you and your partner.

Additionally, members of Adidam observe a formality between the sexes in acknowledgment of the natural polarity

that exists between men and women (and homosexual individuals maintain appropriate formality with other individuals to whom they are polarized).

Some may think it is suppressive to prohibit or to fail to instigate casual flirtations. Actually, casual association is suppressive. When casual eroticism is the norm, individuals tend to be always sexually concerned, defending themselves, “looking good”, always making sexual gestures with someone—and never truly entering into the Transcendental and Spiritual functions of Conscious life."


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