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Invitation Into Falsehood

I heart disclose and ensure that I take no dark secret pleasure in the consistency with which I must "balance out" and creatively/artfully counter how a "false face" of  "Adidam" presents itself to the gathering of responsive beings, the world and would be devotees. I understand how difficult and painful this is to read and feel. But this radical understanding must be fully observed, felt and understood. Upon this basis, new action is possible. 


In fact Adidam, as True and Real IN and AS Adi Da IS, has not yet actualized as a Sacred Culture as spoken by Him, in this daily offering of Prayer Rug (see link above). 


The ritualized and programmed secondary supportive practices and organizational aspects of "Adidam" have been the focus of the governing leadership and functionaries for many years now. The form and formalities have necessarily been the focus because Adidam as an organization is actually diminishing and not effectively and most auspiciously growing (in all ways).


Great numbers are needed for this Event of Emergence to actualize.


The cloistered denial of this collectively created failure of response and refusal to openly and vulnerably acknowledge this is causing a stalemate world wide, among all would be, True and Real devotees. It also causes a dissonance between the fully intertwined and inherently dependent interconnectedness between all "devotees" and the world. As IF the sacred culture required is elsewhere and not part of the "world". This notion is false. 


The simple and necessary initial gesture required is OPEN DIALOGUE initiated by Quandra Sukhapur herself. 


The present gathering and leadership is scapegoating and imprisoning her in a cultic mode of protection enabling her to live alone, participating in no culture, on the Sacred Brightness grounds, with servants attending to her needs, demands and gestures, of self proclaimed advancement. 


Ruchiradama Nadikanta lives independent of Quandra Sukhapur and exercises no authority at all.

There is no Ruchira Sannyasin Order of Adidam and thus, no other fully established Orders or congregations rightly and most auspiciously manifesting with integrity. 


Until this charade, sacrilege and desecration on the most Sacred Seat of Adi Da's established Bright Treasure and Means is undone, called to cease by the collective, then there is no possibility of True and Real core group governance beginning; or a True Sacred Culture.


All devotees and interested public need to understand the esoteric necessities of True Adidam and compassionately help serve this rightening. Done, for the sake of Reality Truth Itself, all inclusive. And to respectfully honor and support Adi Da's unique 7th Way Gifts to the world. 


Hundreds if not thousands participated with HIM to enable the establishment of HIS Work. Our work has barely even begun, yet will require the same kind of ordeal to open and grow up and round. 


Where are you? 


As many beings as possible need to compassionately communicate this radical understanding among one another and to the formalized organization asking for openness and inclusiveness. Do so offering help, support and useful Loving insight for Adi Da's 7th Way to survive, authentically. Not as falsified "Adidam" postures presently.


The spell of imprisonment on the Brightness Grounds must be broken. 



Adi Da: “Only a sacred culture gives human beings the potential to live a life ecstatically dedicated to existence in Truth”






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