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Keeping The Heart Alive

Keeping Bright Beloved Adi Da ALIVE As IS, in the context of Eternal Reality Process, requires much more than physical heart compression......

Remember the panicked, extensive physical heart pounding, that occurred on his body when Adi Da took Mahasamahi?

The timing and the why of his Mahasamahi?

Those "most intimate" bear key responsibility, eternally, all inclusive.

Adi Da made it explicitly clear, again and again, for many years prior to his Mahasamadi, what would be required for His Life to perpetually continue.

There is no way out.

We all, collectively agree to do this act of recoil, deluded by human, religious, spiritual and transcendental experiences, low/high/deep.

Humanity created and perpetually creates this dark mayhem and allows this abysmal corruption and abuse of what is sacred.... to continue. 

There is no escape. 

Please note, this video (link below) contains graphic and violent imagery


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