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Knot of Self Contraction

Adi Da:

"I’ve used the illustration since the earliest days of a man pinching himself, you all know that one, right? And he’s uncomfortable and so forth, tries to shake it off, whatever he does, and then eventually discovers he’s been pinching himself all the while and he takes his hand away and all his problem disappears.

Well, I’ve used that little bit to try to describe to you what hearing is about. It’s not a matter of your dealing with a something that’s objective to you in the context of your human existence. It’s not objective to you. It may seem to be so until you hear Me. In some sense. And that’s the fundamental description of the difference between non-hearing and hearing. In the case of the non-hearer, you don’t yet, at the place itself, understand most fundamentally that your search, your dis-ease, your struggle, and so on, your pain of existence, is something that you are doing.

So that’s hearing. from that point, you can, in Communion with Me, pass directly from the self-contraction, the act itself, and you can do this, then, under all circumstances, in every context of experience, no matter how the stages evolve from then. The same hearing gesture is your capability and your responsibility. And immediately, or very quickly, prepares you to do the Yoga of seeing Me, such that the hearing process is taking place in the full dimension of Spiritual existence. Then the purification is more profound and final."


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