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This dialog (link above) Bright Beloved is engaging with a devotee (about His deeper personality structures that brought Him into coinciding with the DNA given physical form as Franklin Jones) is wonderfully liberating, in that, if willingly allowed, the fundamentally priorly free asana of Divine Ignorance is awakened and enables Bright Yoga to be inherently (non differently or abstractly) heart noticed and established DIRECT in Adi Da as Only Divine Self Revelation, all inclusive As One.

Thus, any action or process established is mindlessly (with responsible intelligence demonstrated with whole bodily Heart feeling discrimination) ever and eternally in the "presently prior now" AS Reality Truth, Conscious Light Itself.

I can full heartedly and whole bodily confirm this Truth, being un-equivocally and irrevocably established. This being so, does not make all arising easy or "perfectly evolved" by any stretch of the imagination. In fact there is ever greater vulnerability and sensitivity to the insufficient  "imperfect nature" that all arising seems to be by virtue of the spiderwebbed limits imposed by lingering ego active self identity and resultant interdependent entanglement patterning. These ego active created errors or limits can always be gone beyond (transcended) without seeking experiences or emptiness. 

Thus we are responsively fallen  into the Heart that lives and breathes and moves all in Truth that is Radiant Being Itself. This is devotionally activated ego self transcending yoga. This is Adi Da Love Ananda's uniquely given Revelation Teaching and Transmission. Even so, as all continues to merely arise, which is thus simplified or naked without the  superimposition the of fisted egoity. This realm and all realms serve a fundamentally necessary purpose for awakening growth and outgrowing.

Outshining Yoga is not a disappearing act or urge or need. Maturing responsibility for this gifting of participation in life As Conscious Radiance Itself  is a sacred service, in the all inclusive school of totality, which occurs via and IN Bright Self Recognition Satsang and necessarily as a Sangha (Bright Basket of Tolerance/Not Two spiritually transcendental gathering).

Thus Bright changes (even evolutionary growth) are most auspiciously possible and signed and therefore purposed to serve ego self transcending yoga. Transformation and Awakening in Consciousness Itself as Radiant Being in all relationships. As True Love Itself is the Context for most auspiciously freed evolution.

This is why Adi Da indicates the first sign of real sadhana as a Bright Sangha in Satsang is NO  conflict, nor ego politics being superimposed onto any form/structure/organization whatsoever. Not Two Is Peace.

This True Bright Sangha has nothing to do with being formally acknowledged by any organizational/mechanistic structuring of any kind of family, culture or tradition or science or  philosophy or dharma or Realizer whatsoever.  

"Evolutionary" growth and out- growing, going beyond limits (in point of views and knots of errors), is thus inevitable in Not Two.

This is new and unique as Adi Da Reveals being INHERENTLY non dual.

KNOTS undone, responsibility embraced, limits gone beyond thus allowing ever greater intervention/ effulgence of and IN Bright Outshining.

This unique to Adi Da Not Two Outshining cannot be characterized by or is comparable to the traditional or present integral notions of nirguna* or saguna* or non dual combinations of self or not self characteristics and states or evolution for it's own sake. 

Bright Consciousness Itself is the True Witness of both (or any) states/experiences associated with the esoteric anatomy/thresholds of infinite universal/cosmic possibilities. Without any differences made by dissociative acts.

Adi Da's vehicle of incarnation definitely carried with it limits. This was the necessary and mysteriously given Vessel (Threshold Form) that suited the Bright Yoga He was required, by function to incarnate and go beyond in the field of all relations in order to teach and reveal and manifest the Means of Bright Way Yoga.

His manifestation is the Teaching Revelation Leela, not independent of all forms of coinciding entanglement. Limits included, Lessons to be understood. IN Bright as Siddha Guru Yoga. Bright Transmission is now irrevocably established (to the intuitive heart noticing) here directly at Root accessible. No thing or one in-between, especially not Siddha Adi Da.

All incarnate forms of embodied function are Outshined by fulfillment of His Avataric Function. This is not to be believed. This is Reality Realization all continues to necessarily arise, simultaneously Outshined, for the purpose of  Reality process. 

As mankind evolves (hopefully without destroying this necessary red/yellow realm) beings who do enter the Bright Way Yoga, truly beginning and then most fully realized (which has yet to manifest as a sangha/culture), Effulgence will definitely Shine evermore tacitly and tangibly Brilliant for the Heart noticing. This not a utopian ideal. This purpose is for the enabling of fullness in recognition  responsiveness demonstrated in Love Blissful relational awareness and action.

This is already happening, yet there are insufficient "numbers in space-time" choosing to be willingly given over and into this Yoga of Outshining of the ego act. True even of all who surrounded Bright Adi Da while He was physically embodied. His heart was broken that He was unable to live long enough to Enjoy the fruits of His Work. Yet He Said all that is necessary for the New Bright Revelation, direct and all inclusive, to be lived and Awakened Into is firmly established here. 

"Too much of one an-other and not enough of Me" (As the I AM that IS all thus Realized.)

*Nirguna comes from the Sanskrit, nir, meaning “without”; guna, meaning “properties,”. Hence nirguna is a concept of a formless God which means that god do not exist in a particular form or have particular properties. In nirguna bhakti, God is worshiped in an unmanifested form.

*Saguna is a Sanskrit word that means “with attributes” or “with qualities.” It is used several different ways in Indian and yogic philosophy. Saguna refers to the manifestation of God, or Brahman, and it is Brahman appearing in human or animal form.


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