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Lawfulness That Precedes Gifts

Over decades, I observed Adi Da Love Ananda receive "gifts" of many kinds. Here below (paraphrased), He speaks of the radical Reality process of True Divine reciprocity that is required to access and make right use of Bright Blessings and Transmission.


One cannot bribe or pay your way into access or the Direct Process of Reality Satsang. Simply because one may offer money or skills or objects does not equate to fulfillment of radical root Reality laws.


Da Bright Beloved (paraphrased):

Gifts cannot be received without a lawfulness that precedes gifts. There are seven matters* preceding gifts, then there are gifts. Gifts create access. It's a simple, straightforward, lawful and even ancient matter of obligation. It's based on recognition of Me and it must be absolutized and perpetual.

So, when all that is the case, then, by nature of that fulfillment, there is Access to Me (As I Am) as apart from people serving Me...(physically when Adi Da was embodied, yet now direct)

If there isn't that (lawful reciprocation), then you are desecrating My own Person and refusing Me, disabling Me, keeping Me under house arrest (imprisoned in the ego act/patterns/world) , forcing Me into perpetual confrontation with you all, and just suffering you all and struggling relative to everything I try to do. And (if fundamental laws) are not  fulfilled, there are no gifts, no access, no process, no spiritual life. It all becomes mummery. And that's what this gathering is presently and has been for years.


*referring to the nine great laws of radical devotion.



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