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Leela from the Ruchira Dham Event

Link to Ruchira Dham Event Leela:

Adi Da clarifies the Nature of Ultimate Translation. His Words here are profoundly important to Listen to and Consider in relationship to the details of His Demonstration of Bright Divine Self Translation that was initiated at the Brightness Event and further Demonstrated at the Lopez Event AND what He continued to Give Lessons/Instructions about and Reveal until His Mahasamadhi. All this continues As IS, as No other or creator or doer at all. While all arising is thus Recognized as Being IN Sacredly Arising conditions/modifications of Bright Love Bliss Alone. One and Only. And still beings suffer. This fact cannot/will not be blithely ignored by argument that this arising is "an illusion" IF Reality Recognition is the Condition within which one Lives. Adi Da's Demonstration was never removed, abstracted, isolated, dissociated nor callous.


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