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Let Me See Your Works – The Significance of Agency

Heart Master Adi Da (November 30, 1985): "You see me in the body. For those in the future, there will be no body, but the same One expressed. The same One present, the Yoga possible. You are the first generation of those who must incarnate that Truth for others, even while this body lives. So many of my devotees live outside my physical company because this time is the same as my death time. No one but this One, the One, speaks to you. I appear to be a person temporarily—a mist, a koan. These legs are a deliciously composed intellectual puzzle. It is so, and someday that is how it will be conceived. “How can the physical presence of the Master be imagined?’ ’ they will ask in the year twenty-three hundred. They will not only have to read The Dawn Horse Testament, they will enjoy the presence of my living devotees, linked in revelation with the devotees who survived in my Company while this body lived. That is the significance of Agency."


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