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Lightning Thunder Cows

See below, a letter from Stuart Camps, introducing his new book which is entitled "Lightning Thunder Cows".


Stuart: All my years serving at Fear-No-More Zoo have finally yielded this new book… and none quite like it has been written before. It is not a book of "animal stories", though they are a part of it. It is not about animal caretaking, nor the mere telling of the story of the Zoo. It is about considerably more than most people will have thought would pertain to Fear-No-More Zoo - and to any zoo.

Published April 22, 2024… This book endeavours to broadly cover Adi Da Samraj's Communication of the great process of fearing no more for all beings - an awareness that has been lived naturally for billions of years across the Earth.


As the principal human serving the Zoo through many years, I daily received Adi Da's direct instructions about my limits and resistances, and most importantly his compassionate wisdom regarding the world of non-humans.


This book is my faithful response to Adi Da's request that I write about his beloved Fear-No-More.

Stuart Camps, 

April 22, 2024

(Fear-No-More Zoo: 1993 to 2018)

Lightning Thunder Cows can be purchased through any Amazon online outlet.

Link below to Stuart's website


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