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Living with the Ruchira Avatar, Adi Da Samraj

Link to Julie's first interview (Living with the Ruchira Avatar, Adi Da Samraj) with Jeffrey Mishlove

Link to Julie's second interview (A Penetrating Spiritual Experience) with Jeffrey Mishlove

Om Ma Da

This is an offering to Bright Adi Da, Reality Truth Itself, in the form of an interview with Jeffery Mishlove.

I am reaching out into the world, as Adi Da asked to be done, in order to help serve the breaking of the spell of the 6 developmental stages worth of "cultic ego act" that is still being dramatized by Adidam while presenting itself as being altogether authentic with True Renunciate Orders established.

Initially, it may be that greater numbers of people "in the outer world" will be interested in what is said here. More so than the "insider/outsider cultists" (Adi Da devotees) who seem to be in denial or are misinterpreting or mythologizing Bright Beloved Adi Da's Summary Criticism of all of us.

My voice, speaking about this falseness, was the final service He directly gave to me, before His Mahasamadhi.

Hold steadfast in radical fidelity to only Reality Truth Itself which is most Intimately Given and Therein the Love Bliss Heart that Is Clarity (not dual) will be obvious. This rather than agreeing to participate in the convolutions of lies and errors.

This is why I am being required (At and In Bright Heart) to attempt to harness the available WIDE and OPEN responsiveness of all beings In inherently prior unity/Prior Unity to "set things right".

Beloved Siddha Adi Da indicated the rightening transformation of Adidam would NOT come from within Adidam or the Samrajya but from all Heart responsive beings, places and things called into Brightness Alone and thus not under the spell of the "cultic act" that subordinated and imprisoned Him while He was Bodily Alive. This Calling needs to continue in order to break the cultic liability that grips all of us, calling ourselves rightly and truly organized True devotees. In fact we are barely beginning students as True Listeners.

This offering is a necessary counter service, to help break the spell of ego made duality patterning we all tend to create in the midst of the strong forces of a dark/light moon tide.


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