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Mutual Sacrifice

Adi Da speaks about the action that is radical root devotion. Counter egoic action is required. Bright devotees are not passive recipients of grace from an other separate being. The action of devotion weakens the false action of separation. 

"Whatever is not used becomes obsolete"

Adi Da:

“The Realization of Truth is not a matter of heavy, ‘self’-involved, constricted, willful effort. It is as natural as a simple response to sunlight. It is simply the devotional relationship to Me, the intelligent life of Real practice. Truly, what you bring to Me is not your dilemma. The dilemma has no real existence. You may be preoccupied with it, but I pay no homage to it. It is of no ultimate consequence what the content of your dilemma appears to be in any moment.

Truly, what people bring to Me is their Intuition of Reality Itself. It is simply that they are not consciously living on the basis of that Intuition. Nevertheless, that Intuition is the very premise of their lives. And, so, they come to Me—the Sun to their deep-seated Intuition, the One Who Transmits that Intuition—and I Draw their Intuition into this instant. Only the seeker takes the dilemma seriously..... And, fortunately, all beings are already alive with the Intuition of Reality."

Adi Da:

"From any moment when you are Graced by the Divine, responsibility is what is Given. Responsibility is itself Communion. Your responsibilities in terms of ‘self’-discipline are simply aspects of what is fundamentally a life of Divine Communion. Responsibility is simply the ability to respond beyond this recoil, to remain in Communion with Me in spite of tendency.

If you will persist in this responsible Communion with Me, eventually your tendencies become obsolete.”


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