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My Divine Personality Characteristic Is Bright Leela

The Eternal Bright Leela (Play) of Humor, Love, Hardness, Softness, Quickness, Suddenness, Freedom made right use of As Bright resort (turn) and Communion.

Paraphrasing Adi Da:

“My Personality (My Characteristics) will be noticed by devotees after My physical lifetime....My Personality is not exclusively located in it's physical form. It is shown, humanized, particularized through this human form. But what you are observing of this Personality is the Divine Characteristic, which has all these characteristics universally. I AM that Very will be then as if you are outside My physical Company, experiencing Me as before....the finding of Me as still Present, without this body before you....I am equipping you to relate to Me without this body here during My physical lifetime interaction with you....forever outside My physical lifetime in that sense, I am equipping Commune with Me As I AM....continue to Know Me and you will find Me, just as have all the Means to resort to Me, to Contemplate Me just the same.....all the Leelas of My having done it....exhaustively and fully, the Leela is Complete, effectively, I will be in human interaction with my devotees forever through those Leelas, and through the recorded Instruction and so forth.....occupied forever with these Leelas and these Words.....used as Means of resort and Communion....that is all that is required of this body have the Means, this body can pass, you simply continue this devotion....a condensation, a particularization of My Eternal Presence here..... So you have the Means, so this body can pass. And you simply continue this devotion. And I will still be Present. I cannot go any where. There is no where for Me to go, you see. I am not Ultimately located in any specific terms whatsoever. So the time of this body is specifically a time of Revelation. So that you can resort to Me forever."

Adi Da Beloved: You are separating the Divine Characteristics from the Divine. You are devoted to the Characteristics, not to the Divine, not to the Very Person. You abstract the Characteristics from the Divine, and then you superimpose them on yourself — the "Love" in you, the "Love-Bliss" in you, the "Divine Self" in you. Where is God? Where is the Divine Person? Where is the One to Whom you must submit? Where is the One Who has those Characteristics, the One Who is to be so characterized? Where is That One? You are involved in yourself, and even superimposing the Divine Attributes on yourself — Love, Love-Bliss, Consciousness, Divine Self — as if That is you. That Is God, the Person Whom you must Realize yet, and the Person Whom you will not Realize without the utter transcendence of your egoic self by submission.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj "Your Heart Must Be Moved", Heart Conversion Talk Series later republished in Avatar Adi Da Samraj, Up!

You never establish lawfulness with Me. You are always detached and self-involved. This is a cult of egos that has been so coddled and accommodated for thirty-five years that now you think your revisionism is the Way that I have Revealed.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj, June 22, 2007


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