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My Influence

The all inclusive profundity of this ecstatic confession below cannot be overstated. 

Who~What~Where~When~How~IS this Me that gives such

a prophetic all consuming, all embracing koan about "most intimate knowing"?

Now consider~feel~notice without words. 

One and Only non separate and non different True Divine Self Revealation and Revealer


Da Love Ananda "My influence remains with those whose connection is with Me, even those who are now on this earth and who do not know Me in the body. That influence is working on them at this moment. They are having dreams, they are having experiences because of My work. And yet they have never read a book about Me, have never heard about Me, have never seen Me in a vision that they can remember! Nevertheless My work with them is just as specific as it is with you who know Me in this body. And it is the same after My death."


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