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"MY Pattern" Is A Living Process

If you Listen very carefully (see link above) there is a great secret herein that Bright Adi Da continues to illuminate that will help all devotees understand the error in how all of us together, guided by one governing person with a subordinate leadership group and a complicit collective gathering who presently identifies with, allows and assumes present time "Adidam" to be "His Pattern".

The active Living Process (Reality Consideration) of Bright Grace is the imprinting of Bright Pattern that intervenes, as Revealed by Adi Da. The is what the true devotee and sangha conforms to directly; Living Grace that Adi Da Revealed "As Is", Eternally Alive and Ever Present Reality Person, Presence and State, the One and Only Bright Being/Domain, true of every and everything, all inclusive.

It is not about duplicating past patterns of familiarity or relatedness, creating and conforming to any pattern or structure in or as or within the cosmic domain itself. 

This error is precisely what formal "Adidam" continues to superimpose on the Living Grace Process that is  Bright Adi Da's given Reality Consideration: True Adidam= "My House".

The following communications from Him  in the links below also point to this "secret" (in recognition response) clarity of the Living Process (Adidam) as "His Pattern".


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